The 10-Hour Week:

To run your business better than you do so you can have more, work less and feel better about your life while doing it.

Your team can transform your entire business.

Gimme My 10-Hour Week!

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I scaled back my workweek by 30 hours . . . 


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You started your own business to have more freedom and flexibility but it probably doesn't feel like that's what you got.

+ Never get as much done as you want?

+ Distracted and unable to focus?

+ Courses and programs collecting digital dust with no ROI?

+ Struggle to relax guilt-free?

+ Business running you instead of you running it?


Getting things done doesn't have to be so hard.

Can you relate?

Gimme  my 10 Hour week!

With the 10-Hour Week Method, you'll:

Achieve more in less time.

Systematize for more time freedom.

Get personalized guidance. 

Within the first 7 days you'll get a 30% efficiency boost with an optimized schedule.

We'll do this together with 90 days of workshops.

90 days of 'Ask Me Anything' calls with Neill.

"The work I did with Neill transformed my entire life, my business and my way of thinking."

I just need to tell you that you are a genius. I am getting better and the schedule we made is working really well. My sleep isn’t perfect and there are still painful days but I am getting stronger and still getting work done. Thank you!! I may just keep this schedule full time as the working out earlier seems to work well. 

christine reeve (she/her)

Here's the challenge:

As a female entrepreneur, you are trying to grow your business from the 'corporate' model of time, that was never meant for you - which makes it impossible for you to take control of your schedule and enjoy the time freedom of owning your own business.

It's like trying to complete a puzzle with missing pieces.

It just doesn't work.

That's why the 10-Hour Week Method is so effective.  It's built on the 'entrepreneurial' model of time - made for high performing entrepreneurs like you who create value in exchange for money.

You started your own business to create more control, not less.

You're not alone.  As a female entrepreneur myself I understand how challenging it is to wear "all the hats" - working extra hours to try to meet all the demands of running a business and a family.

Many of my clients come to me overwhelmed, discouraged and often on the verge of burnout.  Over the past 6 years, I've helped 1,000's of them take control of their schedules, get more quality work done in less time and enjoy true time freedom by applying the entrepreneurial model of time.

I get it.  Not getting things done is overwhelming.

I believe achieving more in less time should be simple.

Here's my simple but effective formula for success:

10 Hr Week Method + Systems =

More Achievement, Freedom & Profit
Weekly workshops designed to build the systems in your business in just 1 hour/month.  Eliminate 80% of 'busy work' keeping you stuck in the overworking trap.

Systematize Your Biz:


Tools and coaching designed to shift your mindset and mood for the most exciting, energizing and transformative use and experience of your time.

Leverage The Power Of Mindset & Mood:

The key to applying the entrepreneurial model of time and achieving more quality work, aka business results in less time.

Build An Optimized Schedule:


This simple daily habit stack delivers elevated entrepreneurial productivity with ease.  Perform your best, even on your worst days.

Daily Habit Stack for Resilience: 


Discover your Peak Productive Hours for an easy and instant 30% efficiency boost.


Gimme my 10 hour week!

Schedules only work when you follow them.  The science backed Follow Through Formula makes building the habit of following through stick - for good.

Master Following Through:



How the 10 Hour Week Method works to achieve more in less time:

Find Your Peak Productive Time:

This could be you...

“My creative output has doubled — and I’m working a fraction of time!”

​“These days I only focus on the most profitable use of my time.”

​“No more stress or anxiety about what I didn’t get done. I feel FREE!”

​“This was my most productive day in a very long time!”

​“I have the financial freedom to enjoy my life and my nervous system is relaxed.”

​“Now I wake up before my alarm and am focused and sharp.”

Bonus 1:  AI Efficiency Toolkit:

(500+ Hours/Yr Value)

Unlock the efficiency power of AI with this toolkit and Masterclass.

Simple, step by step instructions for your custom suite of GPTs.

Copy and paste prompts for your own custom GPTs: 

  • Weekly email newsletters.
  • Podcast topics, 
  • Podcast show notes, emails and social media posts.
  • Social media content calendar.
  • Facebook ad copy.
  • Email funnels.
  • Story Brand sales page copy.
  • Buyer persona and offers.

Effortlessly automate routine tasks to free up 10 hours or more each week.  

(500+ Hours/Yr Created)

A sales funnel is an entrepreneurial time expander. 

It builds your email list, nurtures your new leads and turns them into paying clients, 24/7.  It works, even when you aren't.

Inside $100k Funnel, you will get a funnel from start to done in 30 days, working as little as 5 hours a week.

Leverage the AI Efficiency Toolkit to do 90% of the work for you:

  • Generate high converting lead magnet ideas.
  • Write the copy for your landing page.
  • Draft email funnels.
  • Write the copy for the sales page, using the Storybrand framework.

Bonus 2:  $100k Funnel Course:

(1,000+ Hours/Yr value)

Bonus 3:  Clicked Email Course:

(500+ Hours/Yr Value)

Email marketing is still the king of all marketing platforms. 

In Clicked, you will learn how to write emails that your list clicks on to optimize conversions.

This is a low hanging fruit if you have an email list and your sales from email are 40% or less.

Leverage the AI Efficiency Toolkit to do 90% of the work for you:

  • Create drool worthy subject lines.
  • Content topics your list loves so much they look for your weekly email.
  • Write email nurture sequences that quickly warm up cold leads.
  • Write email sequences that create sales calls, opt-ins and paying clients.

Gimme my 10 hour week!

get your productivity score

find out If 10 Hour Week Is Right For You.

  • Take this 2 minute assessment to find out how productive you are.

  • Discover your productivity strengths & opportunities.

If you score less than 80%, you can confidently enroll in 10 hour week, knowing it's your path to achieving more quality work in less time and more time freedom.

GET YOUR Productivity SCORE

Q:  I’ve tried EVERY time management and productivity system on the market and none of them have worked. How is 10 Hour Week different?

So… Any Questions? 

A: It’s not your fault.

ALL of the time management and productivity systems on the market are based on the corporate model of time, made for those who exchange time for money.  

10 Hour Week is based on the entrepreneurial model of time and made for those who create value in exchange for money.  This was the model of time that focuses on quality, which outperforms quantity.  It's how you build a business that will scale.

Q: I don’t have full control over my schedule. Will 10 Hour Week work for me?

A: 10 Hour Week is for entrepreneurs with Tiffany sized dreams on a Wal Mart time budget.

But the simplest answer is to get your Productivity Score. If it’s less than 80% - 10 Hour Week will help you achieve more quality work in less time and expand your time freedom.

CLICK HERE to get your Productivity Score.

Q: But is 10 Hour Week really right for me?

A: Let us help you make the right decision.  Email us at with your questions or book a call and we'll chat about it.

accomplish in 10 hours what Used to take you 40 . . . 

4 Payments:


Your operations are streamlined, your time is maximized, and your business is set up to scale smoothly.


What You Get:



Single Pay:

10 Hour-Week Method to achieve more in less time.

90 Day Systems Workshop Sprint to turn time sucking tasks into efficient processes.

90 Day Implementation Workshop Sprint to get a big project knocked off your list.

60 Day Habits Sprint to finally build the habit of scheduling AND following through.  (Reward based system means building these habits makes you $$.)

Done for you schedules, using the 10 Hour-Week Method, based on your chronotype.

90 Days of Ask Me Anything calls with Neill to make sure you maximize your time and optimize your efficiency.


You could hire and train a team to do 30 hours of work for you . . . 
enroll in 10-Hour Week and go on a dream vacay with the savings.

Don't let an inefficient workweek keep you from more achievement, freedom and profit.

Too many female entrepreneurs end up working more than they did in their 9 to 5 for less pay because they get stuck in the trap of trading time for money without realizing it.

Your impact and freedom are too important for you to keep struggling and overworking.

Let's make sure you have a business that's simple, efficient and ready to scale - on a 10-Hour Workweek.


Let's transform the way you work.