I Can’t Believe I Hired A Life Coach For This

I Can't Believe I Hired A Life Coach For This

“I Can’t Believe I Hired A Life Coach For This”

These are the words that two of my clients said to me in their sessions this week.  

The most important part of this is what they meant but didn’t say.

I’m worthless if I have to pay a life coach to help me with this ridiculous small thing.

I should be paying her to help me with my big goals and dreams, not something so small and insignificant.

I’m broken and can’t be fixed.

Other people are doing so much more than I am.

There is something wrong with me.

This way of thinking creates discouragement, defeat, and shame.

And when we feel this way, we give up.

This is precisely why it’s so important that my clients hired me to work with them – right now, right where they are.

They THINK that they should have it more together to spend the money and time on working with a coach. 

But this is a moving, unreachable target. 

It’s like pre-cleaning your house before your housekeeper comes to clean it.  It doesn’t make sense.

If you feel terrible – constant stress, overwhelm, worry, Mom guilt or you find yourself failing at even the smallest of goals and tasks each day and want to give up and just throw in the towel because it all feels impossible, like there is no hope – you are right where you are supposed to be.  And this is the perfect place to start working with a coach.  

Because it means that your REAL problems have revealed themselves to you.  

And those problems do not mean that there is something wrong with you.  They are just feeling problems and these can always be fixed.

This is the real work and where you meet the truth of yourself.

Solving these feeling problems is the whole point of your journey to your big goal or dream.  Yes, it’s super fun to get to the goal. But the real depth and meaning of the goal is in what you learn about yourself and who you become on the way there.

But we have to start with small assignments first.  

You didn’t think there was something wrong with your baby when he came out of the womb and wasn’t able to run a marathon, right?  You knew that there was a process to his development – crawling, then walking, then running.

Learning how to solve your feeling problems is a process too.  We start small – with the crawling before we move to walking or running.  Think about it in small increments – like 1% changes.

It looks like this:

Feeling 1% less overwhelmed in your day.

Worrying a little bit less, each day.

Feeling in control of your life, for a few minutes more each day.

Being at peace with the things and people you can’t control, a little bit more each day.

Procrastinating 15 minutes less each day.

Being present and engaged with your kids and your husband, a few minutes extra each day.

Following your plan for your time, even when you don’t feel like it.

It’s these 1% changes in your emotional state each day that are going to create huge changes and impact in your life over the long run.

So today, play the part of the hare.  Slow, steady, progress is going to win the game.

What is your 1%, for today?

If you are struggling with that 1% or if your top daily emotions include overwhelm, stress, worry, or Mom guilt, nothing has gone wrong.  It just means you have a feeling problem and I want to offer you some more help with this.  I want to invite you to sign up for a FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session (CLICK HERE).  Here’s what you will get when you sign up.

  • I will take you through my Before and After Process which is designed to show you the true cause of your feeling problems and help you create a plan to solve them;
  • A Self Coaching Tool that you can use every day to help you clean up your mental and emotional garbage so that it doesn’t ruin or sabotage your day;
  • My carefully curated booklist, “10 Books That Help You Win At The Game Of Life”; and 
  • A Self Assessment for your current level of Emotional Maturity.

All of this is FREE when you sign up (CLICK HERE) for your FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session.  These are tools that are going to help you take back control of your life again by taking charge of your emotional health.  There is nothing more important you could invest your time in than this because your FEELINGS LITERALLY AFFECT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE.

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