There Are NO Time Problems – Just Feeling Problems

There are NO Time Problems - Just Feeling Problems

I don’t have enough time.

How often does this sentence run around in your mind on a daily basis?

If you aren’t sure, here’s a way to check.

How often do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, worried, Mom guilt, or anxious and you blame your life or your to do list for making you feel this way?

I used to desperately want to figure out how to become one of those rare humans who could function on 4 hours of sleep.  I just knew that if I could get more hours in my day that my time problem would be solved.  

But guess what?  This was just a lie.

Here’s why more hours does not solve the time problem.  

We use the exact amount of time that we have.  

So if you give yourself more hours to do something, you will stretch out the time it takes to complete it and use all of this time.  It’s just how we are programmed to work.

And when you do this, you end up with the same time problem you started with – not having enough time.

Here’s the real solution to the time problem.  

It’s in how you FEEL in your time and in generating the RIGHT emotional state that fuels you to get SHIT done.

Try this quick exercise.

Pick one thing that you want to knock off your to do list that you have been procrastinating on.  How do you feel about that thing right now?  Since it’s still on your list, I would assume that you are not feeling motivated, determined, or focused on getting it done.  Now, if I told you that I would pay you $50,000 to get it done in the next hour, how would you feel about it?  Probably super focused, motivated, determined, committed, maybe even excited, right?

Notice that IT didn’t change.  

But your FEELING about it did.

And this is the key to solving the time problem.  

When you learn how to create motivation, energy, excitement, focus – whenever you need or want to, you will literally change how you use your time.  

And you don’t need more time to do this.  

All you need is to learn the skill of creating emotion – on purpose.

This is one of the skills that will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Here’s a hack you can use to get started.

Pick an item on your To Do List you have been procrastinating on.

Decide how much time you will allow yourself to complete it.

And then make it a game.

Challenge yourself to get it done within that amount of time or if you are really an overachiever – do it in less time than you planned. Have fun with it, experiment with it – maybe even promise yourself a reward once you get it finished. And pay attention to your emotional energy throughout.

Practice this exercise often. This is a skill and to get good at it – just like any other new skill – you actually have to practice doing it.

Solving your feeling problems is the key to solving your time problem.

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