Before You Do Anything On That To Do List – Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

A To Do List.

As a busy working Mom, you for sure have one.

To Do Lists were meant to get done. But is yours ever actually DONE?

Have you really looked at your To Do List lately – like really stopped and considered it and all the things that you put on it that you tell yourself you have to do or should do or need to do?

It’s just like periodically cleaning out your closet or your house.  You probably throw things out that don’t fit or are worn or just don’t look like who you are today.

Can you imagine what your kids’ rooms would look like if you didn’t do the seasonal closet cleaning for all of the clothes that they had outgrown?  It would be a nightmare.

The same is true with your To Do List and your time.

When was the last time you cleaned it up?

If you haven’t done this recently, I want to offer you some help with it.

You can apply this to the To Do List you have right now or you can go make one and then come back to this exercise.

Once you have your list, I want you to remember that you are the BOSS of that list – you run it, not the other way around.  So, you get to choose whether or not you do or keep everything on it.  

Now, with this mindset and the feeling of being in charge, consider applying these 3 Questions to every task on the list.

  1. Is it serving me?  Does this thing add value to my life?
  2. Do I really want to do it?  And, if I don’t want to do it, am I okay with the consequence of not doing it?
  3. Is it current or outdated?  Does it fit in with the current season and stage of my life, who I am today, and how I want to be living my life not only right now but into the future?

If you can’t answer YES to these 3 questions for a task on your To Do List, then you cross that thing off.  It doesn’t get your time, your attention, or your mental or emotional energy.  PERIOD.

Let me give you an example.

Grocery shopping used to be one of my weekly To Do’s that I absolutely dreaded.  I didn’t like making a list or doing the shopping – none of it.  So I decided to stop doing it.  At least in the way that I had always done it before.  Now, of course we still need to have groceries and food in the house so I started exploring other options.

  • My husband could go shopping for me.
  • I could order everything on Amazon.
  • I could order ahead at Walmart and drive through and pick them up.
  • I could have my local grocer deliver them to my house.

When I really started looking at my options I realized that there was a whole new world available to me.   But I wouldn’t have even known this if I hadn’t decided that this weekly task was one that I wanted to say no to.

This is a simple example but it’s one that I feel like has changed my life.  I remember spending so much time on the meal planning and grocery lists and doing the shopping – it was hours per week.  Now, I get it all done in about one hour total per week.

How about you?  What is one thing on your To Do List that you can say NO to right now to create more time in your week?  

Let it all be on the table and up for consideration.  You are in charge of your time, your life, and your To Do List.

Maybe you just forgot that.

I am here to remind you.

And if you want more help taming that To Do List, I’ve got you.  I want to offer to invite you to join me in a FREE Consult Call (CLICK HERE).  There are only 3 things that can be the cause of your time problem – you either need more help with time management strategies and tools, you need help following your plan or you need help to stop procrastinating and distracting.  And in this call, I will take you through my Before and After Process which is designed to diagnose which of these three things is your biggest obstacle.  And once we know what the problem is, we can work together to create the plan to solve it, for good.

The life you want – the one where you feel proud and accomplished, where you lay your head on the pillow at night and know you slayed your day is available to you. What are you waiting for?

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