Productivity Has Nothing To Do With Which Planner You Use – Here’s Why

Getting a new planner is the adult equivalent of new school supplies. It’s so FUN.

If you are like me, you totally geek out on pens, notebooks, new books, and PLANNERS.

But here’s what I have learned.

There is little to any correlation to the type of planner that you buy and your productivity level.

Here’s how I know.

I don’t use a planner, at least not any of those that you can buy. I have my own system and I am uber productive. I get a full time job done in just 3 days a week.

And the only thing I use is a calendar and a piece of paper (that I throw away in the first hour of my week).

My clients come to me and most of them have their “favorite” planner. And they carry it around with them everywhere – just like their iPhone or their handbag. But for most of them, it’s not actually increasing their productivity or helping them get it all done.

And here’s why.

First, they don’t actually use the planner or follow the plan they made so the planner becomes useless as a tool for time management and productivity. And I see this happen, a lot – with all types of planners and time management systems.

The other reason why it doesn’t increase their productivity levels is that they don’t know how to schedule their time properly in the planner. Most of my clients have a To Do List or block out time on their calendars but they don’t have a clear, focused intention for the result that will be created in that time block or when the things on the To Do List will actually be – done.

Treating your time like this wastes it and creates low levels of productivity. As humans, we will use the amount of time we give ourselves to get something done. So you have to be very clear with yourself about the time you allow to complete a task or project.

I ask my clients to consider that their minutes are their employees. And if they don’t give the employee a clear job description and deadline, the employee won’t actually get much, if anything DONE.

If you thought about your minutes as your employee, what job do you want to give each of them – to complete today?

This is one of the best questions you can ask as you plan out your time. And here’s the most important part about it – the answer has nothing to do with which planner you choose.

So, go be the BOSS of your time and tell it what it’s job is today. What things will you take from TO DOs to DONEs?

If you want more help in learning how to plan and schedule your time to get it all done so you have time for your family and yourself, I’ve got you. The first step towards this is just grabbing your FREE Planning Session (CLICK HERE) with me. This is a one on one call where I will help you plan and schedule your next day, week, or project so that your time is working for you and you are GETTING IT ALL DONE. I only offer a few of these each week so grab yours today.

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