Scheduling Your Time For Your Priorities Does Not Mean You Spend All Day At The Spa or Yoga

What matters most to you?

This is the very first question I ask a new client when she comes to me and wants me to help her fix her schedule or help her get more done in her life.  I ask her to DECIDE on her Top 5 Priorities.

This decision does not get to be made from the “shoulds” and “need tos”.  It is made from authenticity and what she really wants in her life, independent of what other people might think about it.  Because when you prioritize based on what you think the world wants you to do or other people think you should do, you end up in the same place as not deciding at all – out of alignment and dissatisfied with the life you create.

This is the most important question because it is the lens through which we begin to schedule her time.

Here’s an example from my own life.  My Top 5 Priorities, in order are:

  1. My Self Care
  2. My Husband
  3. My Son
  4. My Business
  5. Fun and Social Life

This list changes over time.  A few years ago I didn’t have a business so it wasn’t even on the list.  That’s why it’s important to revisit your priority list periodically – because it does change and you want to make sure that how you are scheduling your time reflects what is most important to you right now.

Now, this is probably where I have lost a few of you.  You might be thinking that if Self Care is my number one priority that I must have tons of hours in my schedule for it.  And this is where I think we have gone wrong in scheduling according to our priorities.

The number one priority does not necessarily get the most AMOUNT of time.

There isn’t a one to one relationship between the number of hours and the priority level.

Here’s what I teach my clients about scheduling their time according to their priorities.

The activities for the number one priority go on the calendar FIRST.

So, for my example, the activities for my self care go on my calendar before anything else.  And then the activities I plan for my husband and I to connect go on the calendar NEXT and so on, down the list.

I still have more hours on my calendar each week for work than I do for self care or my husband or my son.  But, the most important distinction and the thing I want you to take away from this is the order in which they get plugged into my calendar.  The time I spend working on and in my business gets plugged in AROUND the time I already scheduled to take care of myself, connect with my husband, and be a Mom.

This is what’s different about what I teach my clients in how to schedule their time.  But this distinction is everything.

So this week DECIDE on your Top 5 Priorities and start plugging your time into your calendar or planner in order – according to this list. This is how you will begin to start creating and living the life you really want – the one where you get it all done and you have time for your family and you.

I am on a mission to teach other busy working Moms how to take charge of their time again so they can take charge of their lives so I started a Facebook Group for us.  I’ll be doing a 5 Day FREE Training ‘How To Get It All Done’ in this group starting Monday, November 18th.  This training is a simple, 5 step process that I teach my clients on how to schedule their time to get it all done so they have the time they want for their families and themselves.  We are about to hit the craziness of the holiday season and I want to make sure you have the tools you need to handle all of it and ENJOY it.  If you are a busy working Mom who struggles with her time or her schedule, this group is for you.  Just CLICK HERE to join.  See you in there.

Boredom Is The Key To Getting It All Done – Here’s Why

It’s easy to get things done and be in high productivity mode when we feel inspired and excited and energized.

You have probably experienced this before.  Some call it a flow state.  It’s when everything is easy and flows and you are so in tune with it and focused that you are completely unaware of anything else. 

This is an amazing space to be in and to create from.

But the truth is that you will only feel this way about half of the time.

And what happens with the other half?

Many of us waste this other half with the excuse that we “just don’t feel like” doing . . . .

And then we go do something else that feels better, in the moment. 

I think we have bought into the idea that we have to feel excited and inspired and “good” in order to follow our plan or do that thing we put on our calendar for Tuesday at 9:00.  And then when we don’t, we think something has gone wrong. And then we just abandon our plan.

But if you do this every time you feel bored or unmotivated, you are wasting about 50% of your time.

The key to capturing this back and using all of your time, for you?

Allow yourself to feel bored and unmotivated and get to work anyway.

No, this will not be as fun in the moment.  But at the end of the two hours when that thing on your calendar is completed, it will feel amazing.

You have to decide that what you really want is that future moment when that task or project is completed, more than you want to feel better right now by getting a snack, going on a Starbucks run, checking out FB or IG. 

You DECIDE to delay gratification instead of choosing immediate gratification.

It’s just like weight loss. Instead of choosing to eat that snack that’s not on your plan (which would feel amazing in the moment), you choose to skip it for the gratification you will feel when you step on the scale and are 5 pounds lighter.

Being productive is energizing and motivating. So when you follow your plan, even when you don’t feel like it, you get to feel so proud and accomplished. But you have to choose this, intentionally, over what feels good in the moment.

This week, be bored and unmotivated and Get It All Done – anyway. Start capturing back your other 50% so that you are using ALL of your time FOR YOU.

If you want more help with Getting It All Done so you have time for your family and you, I’ve got you. Join me in a FREE Planning Session (CLICK HERE). This is a one on one call where I will help you plan your next day, week, or project. Learning the strategy behind planning your time to work for you is the first step towards taking charge of your time so you can take charge of your life again.

Productivity Has Nothing To Do With Which Planner You Use – Here’s Why

Getting a new planner is the adult equivalent of new school supplies. It’s so FUN.

If you are like me, you totally geek out on pens, notebooks, new books, and PLANNERS.

But here’s what I have learned.

There is little to any correlation to the type of planner that you buy and your productivity level.

Here’s how I know.

I don’t use a planner, at least not any of those that you can buy. I have my own system and I am uber productive. I get a full time job done in just 3 days a week.

And the only thing I use is a calendar and a piece of paper (that I throw away in the first hour of my week).

My clients come to me and most of them have their “favorite” planner. And they carry it around with them everywhere – just like their iPhone or their handbag. But for most of them, it’s not actually increasing their productivity or helping them get it all done.

And here’s why.

First, they don’t actually use the planner or follow the plan they made so the planner becomes useless as a tool for time management and productivity. And I see this happen, a lot – with all types of planners and time management systems.

The other reason why it doesn’t increase their productivity levels is that they don’t know how to schedule their time properly in the planner. Most of my clients have a To Do List or block out time on their calendars but they don’t have a clear, focused intention for the result that will be created in that time block or when the things on the To Do List will actually be – done.

Treating your time like this wastes it and creates low levels of productivity. As humans, we will use the amount of time we give ourselves to get something done. So you have to be very clear with yourself about the time you allow to complete a task or project.

I ask my clients to consider that their minutes are their employees. And if they don’t give the employee a clear job description and deadline, the employee won’t actually get much, if anything DONE.

If you thought about your minutes as your employee, what job do you want to give each of them – to complete today?

This is one of the best questions you can ask as you plan out your time. And here’s the most important part about it – the answer has nothing to do with which planner you choose.

So, go be the BOSS of your time and tell it what it’s job is today. What things will you take from TO DOs to DONEs?

If you want more help in learning how to plan and schedule your time to get it all done so you have time for your family and yourself, I’ve got you. The first step towards this is just grabbing your FREE Planning Session (CLICK HERE) with me. This is a one on one call where I will help you plan and schedule your next day, week, or project so that your time is working for you and you are GETTING IT ALL DONE. I only offer a few of these each week so grab yours today.

Before You Do Anything On That To Do List – Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

A To Do List.

As a busy working Mom, you for sure have one.

To Do Lists were meant to get done. But is yours ever actually DONE?

Have you really looked at your To Do List lately – like really stopped and considered it and all the things that you put on it that you tell yourself you have to do or should do or need to do?

It’s just like periodically cleaning out your closet or your house.  You probably throw things out that don’t fit or are worn or just don’t look like who you are today.

Can you imagine what your kids’ rooms would look like if you didn’t do the seasonal closet cleaning for all of the clothes that they had outgrown?  It would be a nightmare.

The same is true with your To Do List and your time.

When was the last time you cleaned it up?

If you haven’t done this recently, I want to offer you some help with it.

You can apply this to the To Do List you have right now or you can go make one and then come back to this exercise.

Once you have your list, I want you to remember that you are the BOSS of that list – you run it, not the other way around.  So, you get to choose whether or not you do or keep everything on it.  

Now, with this mindset and the feeling of being in charge, consider applying these 3 Questions to every task on the list.

  1. Is it serving me?  Does this thing add value to my life?
  2. Do I really want to do it?  And, if I don’t want to do it, am I okay with the consequence of not doing it?
  3. Is it current or outdated?  Does it fit in with the current season and stage of my life, who I am today, and how I want to be living my life not only right now but into the future?

If you can’t answer YES to these 3 questions for a task on your To Do List, then you cross that thing off.  It doesn’t get your time, your attention, or your mental or emotional energy.  PERIOD.

Let me give you an example.

Grocery shopping used to be one of my weekly To Do’s that I absolutely dreaded.  I didn’t like making a list or doing the shopping – none of it.  So I decided to stop doing it.  At least in the way that I had always done it before.  Now, of course we still need to have groceries and food in the house so I started exploring other options.

  • My husband could go shopping for me.
  • I could order everything on Amazon.
  • I could order ahead at Walmart and drive through and pick them up.
  • I could have my local grocer deliver them to my house.

When I really started looking at my options I realized that there was a whole new world available to me.   But I wouldn’t have even known this if I hadn’t decided that this weekly task was one that I wanted to say no to.

This is a simple example but it’s one that I feel like has changed my life.  I remember spending so much time on the meal planning and grocery lists and doing the shopping – it was hours per week.  Now, I get it all done in about one hour total per week.

How about you?  What is one thing on your To Do List that you can say NO to right now to create more time in your week?  

Let it all be on the table and up for consideration.  You are in charge of your time, your life, and your To Do List.

Maybe you just forgot that.

I am here to remind you.

And if you want more help taming that To Do List, I’ve got you.  I want to offer to invite you to join me in a FREE Consult Call (CLICK HERE).  There are only 3 things that can be the cause of your time problem – you either need more help with time management strategies and tools, you need help following your plan or you need help to stop procrastinating and distracting.  And in this call, I will take you through my Before and After Process which is designed to diagnose which of these three things is your biggest obstacle.  And once we know what the problem is, we can work together to create the plan to solve it, for good.

The life you want – the one where you feel proud and accomplished, where you lay your head on the pillow at night and know you slayed your day is available to you. What are you waiting for?

Stop Planning to “Work” On Stuff – It’s Killing Your Productivity

Stop Planning to "Work" On Stuff - It's Killing Your Productivity

Are you fed up with the tyranny of your To Do List?

Most people are.  But most people don’t know how to plan their time to GET THINGS DONE.

Last week I taught you that there really are no time problems – just feeling problems.   

The first step in solving your productivity issues is solving your feeling problems.  If you don’t solve these first, you won’t solve your distraction, procrastination, and lack of follow through problems.  It doesn’t matter if you plan or time block if you aren’t even going to follow the plan.  So these come first.

If you missed last week’s post, There Are No Time Problems, Just Feeling Problems, where I taught you all about this, make sure you check it out.

After you solve the feeling problems, we move into the tactics of time management.  So this week I want to teach you the most important tactical piece to increasing your productivity.

Are you ready?

It’s super simple.

Plan your time to COMPLETE things, not to WORK ON them.

This is the biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to calendaring and time blocking.  

I am a huge fan of both of these but only when the planning and time blocking has a result attached to it.

For example, this blog post was on my calendar at 5:30 Thursday night to be written and finished at 6:30.  And guess what?  It was.

I can look at my week and see what results I will have accomplished, what things on my To Do List I will get to cross off, by the end of it.  In fact, I don’t even use To Do Lists anymore.  I don’t need to because I put all the things on my calendar so I know exactly when they will be done.

When you plan to “work” on something, it’s very open ended.  Will you get it done?  Maybe, maybe not.  

As humans we are programmed to use the amount of time we have.  So if you give yourself an open ended amount of time to complete something, it will take you 10x longer to actually get it done.  When you decide AHEAD of time how much time you will allow yourself to complete a task, you will learn how to get it done in that amount of time.

This is the next level of time management.

Try it out this week.  And see if it doesn’t make a huge impact on what you actually accomplish by the end of your week.

Becoming a master of your emotional life is the gateway to mastering your time.

If you want more help with this, I want to invite you to join me in a FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session (CLICK HERE).  When you sign up, here’s what you will get:

  • I will take you through my Before and After Process which is designed to show you the true cause of your feeling problems and help you create a plan to solve them.
  • A tool that you can use every day to help you clean up your mental and emotional garbage so that it doesn’t ruin or sabotage your day.
  • My carefully curated booklist, “10 Books That Help You Win At The Game Of Life”.
  • A Self Assessment for your current level of Emotional Maturity.

All of this is FREE when you sign up (CLICK HERE) for your FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session.  These are tools that you are going to help you take back control of your life again by taking charge of your emotional health.  There is nothing more important you could invest your time in than this because your FEELINGS LITERALLY AFFECT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE.

There Are NO Time Problems – Just Feeling Problems

There are NO Time Problems - Just Feeling Problems

I don’t have enough time.

How often does this sentence run around in your mind on a daily basis?

If you aren’t sure, here’s a way to check.

How often do you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, worried, Mom guilt, or anxious and you blame your life or your to do list for making you feel this way?

I used to desperately want to figure out how to become one of those rare humans who could function on 4 hours of sleep.  I just knew that if I could get more hours in my day that my time problem would be solved.  

But guess what?  This was just a lie.

Here’s why more hours does not solve the time problem.  

We use the exact amount of time that we have.  

So if you give yourself more hours to do something, you will stretch out the time it takes to complete it and use all of this time.  It’s just how we are programmed to work.

And when you do this, you end up with the same time problem you started with – not having enough time.

Here’s the real solution to the time problem.  

It’s in how you FEEL in your time and in generating the RIGHT emotional state that fuels you to get SHIT done.

Try this quick exercise.

Pick one thing that you want to knock off your to do list that you have been procrastinating on.  How do you feel about that thing right now?  Since it’s still on your list, I would assume that you are not feeling motivated, determined, or focused on getting it done.  Now, if I told you that I would pay you $50,000 to get it done in the next hour, how would you feel about it?  Probably super focused, motivated, determined, committed, maybe even excited, right?

Notice that IT didn’t change.  

But your FEELING about it did.

And this is the key to solving the time problem.  

When you learn how to create motivation, energy, excitement, focus – whenever you need or want to, you will literally change how you use your time.  

And you don’t need more time to do this.  

All you need is to learn the skill of creating emotion – on purpose.

This is one of the skills that will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Here’s a hack you can use to get started.

Pick an item on your To Do List you have been procrastinating on.

Decide how much time you will allow yourself to complete it.

And then make it a game.

Challenge yourself to get it done within that amount of time or if you are really an overachiever – do it in less time than you planned. Have fun with it, experiment with it – maybe even promise yourself a reward once you get it finished. And pay attention to your emotional energy throughout.

Practice this exercise often. This is a skill and to get good at it – just like any other new skill – you actually have to practice doing it.

Solving your feeling problems is the key to solving your time problem.

If you want more help with this, I want to invite you to join me in a FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session (CLICK HERE).  When you sign up, here’s what you will get:

  • I will take you through my Before and After Process which is designed to show you the true cause of your feeling problems and help you create a plan to solve them.
  • A tool that you can use every day to help you clean up your mental and emotional garbage so that it doesn’t ruin or sabotage your day.
  • My carefully curated booklist, “10 Books That Help You Win At The Game Of Life”.
  • A Self Assessment for your current level of Emotional Maturity.

All of this is FREE when you sign up (CLICK HERE) for your FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session.  These are tools that you are going to help you take back control of your life again by taking charge of your emotional health.  There is nothing more important you could invest your time in than this because your FEELINGS LITERALLY AFFECT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE.

I Can’t Believe I Hired A Life Coach For This

I Can't Believe I Hired A Life Coach For This

“I Can’t Believe I Hired A Life Coach For This”

These are the words that two of my clients said to me in their sessions this week.  

The most important part of this is what they meant but didn’t say.

I’m worthless if I have to pay a life coach to help me with this ridiculous small thing.

I should be paying her to help me with my big goals and dreams, not something so small and insignificant.

I’m broken and can’t be fixed.

Other people are doing so much more than I am.

There is something wrong with me.

This way of thinking creates discouragement, defeat, and shame.

And when we feel this way, we give up.

This is precisely why it’s so important that my clients hired me to work with them – right now, right where they are.

They THINK that they should have it more together to spend the money and time on working with a coach. 

But this is a moving, unreachable target. 

It’s like pre-cleaning your house before your housekeeper comes to clean it.  It doesn’t make sense.

If you feel terrible – constant stress, overwhelm, worry, Mom guilt or you find yourself failing at even the smallest of goals and tasks each day and want to give up and just throw in the towel because it all feels impossible, like there is no hope – you are right where you are supposed to be.  And this is the perfect place to start working with a coach.  

Because it means that your REAL problems have revealed themselves to you.  

And those problems do not mean that there is something wrong with you.  They are just feeling problems and these can always be fixed.

This is the real work and where you meet the truth of yourself.

Solving these feeling problems is the whole point of your journey to your big goal or dream.  Yes, it’s super fun to get to the goal. But the real depth and meaning of the goal is in what you learn about yourself and who you become on the way there.

But we have to start with small assignments first.  

You didn’t think there was something wrong with your baby when he came out of the womb and wasn’t able to run a marathon, right?  You knew that there was a process to his development – crawling, then walking, then running.

Learning how to solve your feeling problems is a process too.  We start small – with the crawling before we move to walking or running.  Think about it in small increments – like 1% changes.

It looks like this:

Feeling 1% less overwhelmed in your day.

Worrying a little bit less, each day.

Feeling in control of your life, for a few minutes more each day.

Being at peace with the things and people you can’t control, a little bit more each day.

Procrastinating 15 minutes less each day.

Being present and engaged with your kids and your husband, a few minutes extra each day.

Following your plan for your time, even when you don’t feel like it.

It’s these 1% changes in your emotional state each day that are going to create huge changes and impact in your life over the long run.

So today, play the part of the hare.  Slow, steady, progress is going to win the game.

What is your 1%, for today?

If you are struggling with that 1% or if your top daily emotions include overwhelm, stress, worry, or Mom guilt, nothing has gone wrong.  It just means you have a feeling problem and I want to offer you some more help with this.  I want to invite you to sign up for a FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session (CLICK HERE).  Here’s what you will get when you sign up.

  • I will take you through my Before and After Process which is designed to show you the true cause of your feeling problems and help you create a plan to solve them;
  • A Self Coaching Tool that you can use every day to help you clean up your mental and emotional garbage so that it doesn’t ruin or sabotage your day;
  • My carefully curated booklist, “10 Books That Help You Win At The Game Of Life”; and 
  • A Self Assessment for your current level of Emotional Maturity.

All of this is FREE when you sign up (CLICK HERE) for your FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Session.  These are tools that are going to help you take back control of your life again by taking charge of your emotional health.  There is nothing more important you could invest your time in than this because your FEELINGS LITERALLY AFFECT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE.

How To Know If Overwhelm Is A Problem

How To Know If Overwhelm Is Really A Problem

Overwhelming is the emotional equivalent of one too many glasses of wine.  

Remember Jeff Foxworthy?  You might be a redneck if you . . . 

Well, you might have an overwhelm problem if you . . . 

Lack energy.

Lack motivation.

Crave your yoga pants and the comfort of the bed.  

Want to hide out from all of it.

Binge on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram.

Are Impatient and overreact (like yell at the kids).

Are unable to deal even with the smallest of daily tasks.

Overdramatize the facts of your day (Drama = 500 emails, Truth = 5 emails).

Are annoyed at your husband – for breathing.

But the true test is found in what is MISSING from this list.

Productivity and getting SOMETHING – ANYTHING, DONE.

Overwhelm leads to procrastination and 0 productivity, which puts pressure on your future moments to accomplish even more.


It’s like spending your future dollars.  When you overwhelm, you spend your FUTURE moments because they are now responsible for getting the things done that you should have spent your current moments doing but instead wasted in overwhelm.  You are borrowing from your future moments because you are still going to get all the things done, only now you are delegating them to your future time when you likely want to be doing something else – maybe self care, going for a walk, spending time with your kids or your husband.  It’s like a debt snowball that keeps growing and gaining speed and size every time you overwhelm.  And after awhile you go bankrupt from the pressure of the debt. What this looks like is giving up, feeling defeated.

I like to think of my minutes and hours as each having a job.  And when we overwhelm, we delegate the productivity of these moments to unemployment or underemployment, at best.  They don’t get the opportunity to do their best, most fulfilling job for us.

So the real question isn’t, “Is OVERWHELM a problem?”.  The real question is “HOW BIG of a problem is overwhelm?”

And the answer to this question is found in the number of future minutes you steal from yourself, that you are indebted to, every time you overwhelm.

To figure this out, I want to suggest that you keep an OVERWHELM LOG.  The entries of this log will include the date, the number of minutes or hours you spent in overwhelm, and what you didn’t get done because of it.  If you keep this log for just one week, you will quickly see how big this problem is for you – exactly how much of your future time you have indebted yourself to.

So the next time you find yourself in overwhelm, consider the true cost of this not just right now, but to your future moments.  Is this really how you want to spend this most valuable and limited of resources?

If you want more help with this, I’ve got you.  If you are ready to solve your overwhelm problem, for good, I want to invite you to join me on a FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Call (CLICK HERE).  In this call, I will take you through my Before and After Process which will show you the true cause of your overwhelm, give you a tool to that you can start using right away to reduce it, and help you create a plan to eliminate it. It’s time to cut up the overwhelm credit cards and throw them away – to stop wasting your future in overwhelm debt.  CLICK HERE to take the next step in solving your overwhelm problem, for good.

Stop Doing These 3 Things If You Want To Feel Better

Stop Doing These 3 Things If You Want To Feel Better

There are 3 patterns of behavior that most of my clients present with when they hire me to help them feel better and take charge of their lives again. The path to taking charge is to paved with the steps of learning HOW to feel better first. Because when you have exceptional emotional health, your capacity for changing or fixing the things in your life that you don’t like is at a completely different level. And this means you start knocking these things down, one by one. And this is SO MUCH FUN.

Here are the 3 things that you must change in order to start to feel better and get back in control of your life.

The Blame Game.

Blaming other people or your job or your kids or your life for how you feel. When you put your feelings on all of the people and things outside of you, you are hosed. You are powerless because in order for you to feel better, you have to get these things to change. And this almost never works.

I have a client who battled drug addiction and she has won the battle. We know this because recently she was put into a situation (beyond her control) where there were prescription drugs in her house. She found them. BUT she did not have any DESIRE to take them. She has done the excruciating work of deconditioning her brain from her desire for the drugs. Now, she can go into the world and be confident that no matter what situation she encounters, she can take care of herself. She no longer blames the world for how she feels or what she does in response to those feelings. There is no more empowering place to be.

Arguing with reality.

Wishing upon a star, buying a lottery ticket, hoping, and praying that the circumstances of your life will magically change, all on their own.

Byron Katie says, “You can argue with reality but you will lose, 100% of the time.” We spend so much time and energy wishing things or people in our lives were different. I used to have this fantasy of winning the lottery because me and my brain thought that this was the path to ultimate happiness, freedom, and joy. Of course this is a fallacy. But what I have learned and what I want you to consider taking away from this is that everything that is in your life right now is perfect and is for you. And if you start thinking about it this way, you will find evidence for how it’s true. There are lessons for you to learn right now, right where you are. And when you argue with this, you miss out on what life and the universe is trying to teach you.

Making your worthiness dependent on stuff outside of you.

If you are like I used to be, you get a lot of your self worth and validation externally. This is a very common habit for those of us who are the Type As. And it’s why we struggle so much with failing. And because we don’t want to fail, we keep our lives and ourselves small. Because when we do this, we know there is no danger of failing. But here’s what I want you to know. Your worth and value is intrinsic. It’s like the sun rising and setting each day. I bet you don’t get up in the morning on a cloudy day and question whether or not the sun rose, even though you can’t see it. You just KNOW that it did. The same is true for your value and your worthiness. You are a human and because of this, YOU ARE WORTHY, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what you say, do, don’t do, think, feel. You ARE VALUABLE.

Changing these 3 things will guarantee that you start to feel better and more in charge of your life again. You will begin to feel like you are affecting your life instead of being at the effect of it. You are not a puppet to your life. You are the puppeteer. It’s time to start pulling the strings.

If you want more help with feeling better and getting control over your life again, I can help. The very next step to see if you are a good fit for my program, “10 Steps To Exceptional Emotional Health” is to sign up for a FREE 60 Minute Emotional Recharge Call (CLICK HERE). In this call, I am going to take you through my Before and After Process. This is not something you have done before but it is a process that can help you feel better right now and get back in the driver’s seat of your life. It could be the one thing that changes everything. What are you waiting for?

The Only Thing You Need To Know To Go Further, Faster

The Only Thing You Need To Know To Go Further, Faster

My coach taught me something a few weeks ago that I have not been able to shake from my mind.

She told me that the only thing I needed to do to get to what I wanted faster is to shrink the lag time between making a decision and implementing it.

That’s it. It sounded so simple. But here’s what I have learned since then. It’s not easy.

Think about the last decision that you made. First of all, it probably took you some time to actually make the decision (we will tackle this in another blog post). But after you actually made it, how long did it take you to implement it? The decision my coach and I were talking about when she taught me this principle is one that I had made a year ago and had just implemented last week. And she was taking me to task for the time I spent “thinking” about how to implement it instead of actually doing it.

Yes, it took me an entire year to implement this decision. Granted, it was one of those “big” decisions but even still I let myself punt it, think about it some more, strategize, make pro and con lists when at the end of the day I knew what I was going to do. Now, if I had bypassed all of the thinking, strategizing, and list making and had implemented it as soon as I had made it, I would be in an entirely different level in my business and in my life. Or if I only cut the time to implement in half, it would have saved me 6 months.

But, here’s why we do this.

It keeps us safe and in our comfort zone.

The reason that we drag our feet in actually moving forward with a decision is that it requires change and our brains don’t like change. They like things to stay just as they are – easy, comfortable, known. So new decisions followed by new actions are scary to your brain and it will tell you all the reasons why you should just forget about that decision or punt it to next week, next month, next year or maybe never. It’s just doing it’s job.


Staying safe is not where we grow. It’s not where we create the life that we want. It’s not where success and goals live.

So, to go farther, faster, all you need to do is get really good at making a decision and then taking action on it. It’s what I am committed to practicing now after this realization. It took my coach to point it out to me but now I can’t unknow it. And it’s why I hired an expert to help me with the biggest obstacle in my business. I decided and within one week, I had hired him.

Decision Made. Decision Implemented.

And I know that my future self is going to be so grateful for this decision. It will require my time. It required a big investment. And I’ve already decided that it is 100% worth it and exactly what I need right now to grow.

What do you need right now? Decide. And then Just Go. Get. It.

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