Boredom Is The Key To Getting It All Done – Here’s Why

It’s easy to get things done and be in high productivity mode when we feel inspired and excited and energized.

You have probably experienced this before.  Some call it a flow state.  It’s when everything is easy and flows and you are so in tune with it and focused that you are completely unaware of anything else. 

This is an amazing space to be in and to create from.

But the truth is that you will only feel this way about half of the time.

And what happens with the other half?

Many of us waste this other half with the excuse that we “just don’t feel like” doing . . . .

And then we go do something else that feels better, in the moment. 

I think we have bought into the idea that we have to feel excited and inspired and “good” in order to follow our plan or do that thing we put on our calendar for Tuesday at 9:00.  And then when we don’t, we think something has gone wrong. And then we just abandon our plan.

But if you do this every time you feel bored or unmotivated, you are wasting about 50% of your time.

The key to capturing this back and using all of your time, for you?

Allow yourself to feel bored and unmotivated and get to work anyway.

No, this will not be as fun in the moment.  But at the end of the two hours when that thing on your calendar is completed, it will feel amazing.

You have to decide that what you really want is that future moment when that task or project is completed, more than you want to feel better right now by getting a snack, going on a Starbucks run, checking out FB or IG. 

You DECIDE to delay gratification instead of choosing immediate gratification.

It’s just like weight loss. Instead of choosing to eat that snack that’s not on your plan (which would feel amazing in the moment), you choose to skip it for the gratification you will feel when you step on the scale and are 5 pounds lighter.

Being productive is energizing and motivating. So when you follow your plan, even when you don’t feel like it, you get to feel so proud and accomplished. But you have to choose this, intentionally, over what feels good in the moment.

This week, be bored and unmotivated and Get It All Done – anyway. Start capturing back your other 50% so that you are using ALL of your time FOR YOU.

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