Failure Means You’re Doing It Right

For those of you who are high achieving perfectionists (myself included) you probably want to throw up at the thought of failure.

So when I tell you that failure means that you are doing it right, it’s probably a tough sell.

But here me out.

It is the pile of failures that actually makes us strong enough to succeed.

Think about when your child is first learning to ride a bike.  They usually fall a few times.  But it’s what they learn in the falling that gives them the information they need to ride WITHOUT falling.  They have to do and experience the failure in order to succeed.

I know this intimately because the life of an entrepreneur is filled with failure.  Like every day there is at least one failure to contend with.  And my perfectionist tendencies made this almost intolerable for awhile because I would make it mean that I wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t do it, that success just wasn’t possible for me.  I contemplated quitting – so many times.  And in fact, quitting would be so much easier. But I’m not a quitter. So. . . .

Here’s what I’ve decided to do with failure instead.

Celebrate it.  

Because I know that with each failure, I am learning and getting closer to my success. And because of this, failure is my new BFF. We hang out – all the time. And I’m learning to love her.

I see failure in my clients every week.  We work together and create a plan for their time and then something happens that we didn’t plan for and they want to give up.  Or they didn’t follow the plan that we made and they tell themselves that they just can’t do it.  Or they fall back into their habit of procrastination.

When this happens, I know we are one step closer to success and I am so excited for them.  Because it’s all of these little failures that they get to bring to me each week that we break down to figure out the why.  When we know the why, we can solve for it.  And then we rinse and repeat every week until we get to a week that was a total win.

But the win comes from sticking with the process, through all of the failures and believing that it’s the process of failure that ultimately creates the success.

Consider this – if you aren’t failing, either your goal isn’t big enough or you aren’t getting any closer to success.

Let’s start setting big goals, ones that excite us and energize us and then throw failure parties.  Let’s retrain our brains how to think about failure and use this as an example for us and our kids about the role of failure in success. Failure and success are intertwined.

Go Set a Big Goal. Then FAIL. So you can WIN.

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