There is a better way. I know because I found it.

We waste so much time chasing the dream. The dream where we get everything on our To Do List Done, have more free time and actually get to enjoy it without ruining it with worry and guilt.

We think if we just find the right planner or calendar, then our lack of time and too much to do problems will magically be solved.

We live in a constant state of overwhelm, stress, and pressure.

It’s no wonder we feel drained and exhausted at the end of the day and want to drown ourselves in food, wine, and Netflix.

We think this is what we need to do to give ourselves the “break” that we are craving. And then we beat ourselves up because we think instead we should be making dinner for the kids, taking care of the house, doing laundry, paying the bills - basically taking care of our second job and all the other humans that are in our lives. So this “break” ends up being more of an internal beat down than a recharge.

I finally took control of my schedule and cut back my crazy workweek by over 20 hours in my corporate job. Then, I used the same process to create a successful biz (from the ground up) in less than 30 hours a week.

You and I Both Know that Trying To “Manage Time” Doesn’t Work

Does that stop us from trying over and over? No.

IT'S POSSIBLE AND I WILL TEACH YOU HOW. All you need is 3 simple scheduling hacks!


Hitting the snooze button 5 times before dragging yourself out of bed in the morning - exhausted before the day even starts.

Never having enough time to get to the things that really matter because you are spending so much time reacting to all the daily fires of other people’s needs.

Questioning yourself that you got “enough done” on those days where you crossed all the things off your list.

Working in the evenings after the kids go to bed or on the weekends to try to “catch up” or “get ahead”.

Ruining your free time by feeling guilty because you think you should be working.

Never getting a break or if you do plan for time off, you don’t actually unplug or disconnect.

It’s heavy, hard, and full of pressure, stress and overwhelm.

Overworking looks like:

Taking Control Of Your Schedule means . . . 

Fewer work hours, more accomplished without hustling, an easier, more calm and fun work experience.

This is what I want for you. You deserve to have the time and lifestyle freedom you want. You are so smart, capable, and innovative that you don’t need to work hard or hustle your way to getting things done. All you need is some scheduling help.

Taking Control Of Your Schedule Starts With 3 Easy Steps:

Taking Control Of Your Schedule Starts With 3 Easy Steps:

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My Free Course Is For You If . . . 

You start your workday asking yourself what you have to get done or should get done and then waste a bunch of time trying to find the “right” answer.

You work way more than you really want to but can’t figure out how to get things done in less time.

You have tried all of the planners, time management and productivity systems on the market and nothing has worked for you.

You never seem to get enough done.

You are overly optimistic on what you can get done or you often overplan your time.

Stop wasting your time and your mental energy.

There is a simpler way to work.

All it takes is a few easy scheduling tools.

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