Unbusy Your Schedule and Your Mind

Unbusy Your Life: Episode 16 | Worry, Confusion, and Overwhelm Detox

Are you ready to let go of worry, confusion, or overwhelm? How about a detox? In today’s episode of Unbusy Your Life, I am walking you through the process I used

Unbusy Your Life: Episode 15 | How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

Welcome to Episode 15 everyone! I’m so excited that you’re here with me today. I can’t believe that the podcast is 15 weeks old already?! Remember when you first had

Unbusy Your Life: Episode 14 | Motivation Isn’t Something You Find, It’s Something You Create

Listen to the full episode here. Welcome to Episode 14 everyone! How are you this week? Are you starting to settle into your new normal? We are actually on spring

Unbusy Your Life: Episode 13 | Disconnection Shame

Welcome to episode 13 of Unbusy Your Life. This week we are diving into the concept of disconnection shame. If you’re a working mom during this pandemic, you might be

Unbusy Your Life | Episode 12 | Becoming Undistractable

Welcome to Episode 12 of Unbusy Your Life! As entrepreneurial moms working from home, we got to create a schedule that worked great for our lives. We created a schedule

Unbusy Your Life | Episode 11 |The 2 Most Important Hours of Your Week

Welcome to Episode 11 everyone! I’m so excited and so grateful that you’re here with me today. In the spirit of continuing to move on through the Corona Virus situation