Scheduling Your Time For Your Priorities Does Not Mean You Spend All Day At The Spa or Yoga

What matters most to you?

This is the very first question I ask a new client when she comes to me and wants me to help her fix her schedule or help her get more done in her life.  I ask her to DECIDE on her Top 5 Priorities.

This decision does not get to be made from the “shoulds” and “need tos”.  It is made from authenticity and what she really wants in her life, independent of what other people might think about it.  Because when you prioritize based on what you think the world wants you to do or other people think you should do, you end up in the same place as not deciding at all – out of alignment and dissatisfied with the life you create.

This is the most important question because it is the lens through which we begin to schedule her time.

Here’s an example from my own life.  My Top 5 Priorities, in order are:

  1. My Self Care
  2. My Husband
  3. My Son
  4. My Business
  5. Fun and Social Life

This list changes over time.  A few years ago I didn’t have a business so it wasn’t even on the list.  That’s why it’s important to revisit your priority list periodically – because it does change and you want to make sure that how you are scheduling your time reflects what is most important to you right now.

Now, this is probably where I have lost a few of you.  You might be thinking that if Self Care is my number one priority that I must have tons of hours in my schedule for it.  And this is where I think we have gone wrong in scheduling according to our priorities.

The number one priority does not necessarily get the most AMOUNT of time.

There isn’t a one to one relationship between the number of hours and the priority level.

Here’s what I teach my clients about scheduling their time according to their priorities.

The activities for the number one priority go on the calendar FIRST.

So, for my example, the activities for my self care go on my calendar before anything else.  And then the activities I plan for my husband and I to connect go on the calendar NEXT and so on, down the list.

I still have more hours on my calendar each week for work than I do for self care or my husband or my son.  But, the most important distinction and the thing I want you to take away from this is the order in which they get plugged into my calendar.  The time I spend working on and in my business gets plugged in AROUND the time I already scheduled to take care of myself, connect with my husband, and be a Mom.

This is what’s different about what I teach my clients in how to schedule their time.  But this distinction is everything.

So this week DECIDE on your Top 5 Priorities and start plugging your time into your calendar or planner in order – according to this list. This is how you will begin to start creating and living the life you really want – the one where you get it all done and you have time for your family and you.

I am on a mission to teach other busy working Moms how to take charge of their time again so they can take charge of their lives so I started a Facebook Group for us.  I’ll be doing a 5 Day FREE Training ‘How To Get It All Done’ in this group starting Monday, November 18th.  This training is a simple, 5 step process that I teach my clients on how to schedule their time to get it all done so they have the time they want for their families and themselves.  We are about to hit the craziness of the holiday season and I want to make sure you have the tools you need to handle all of it and ENJOY it.  If you are a busy working Mom who struggles with her time or her schedule, this group is for you.  Just CLICK HERE to join.  See you in there.

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