The Most Powerful Force In Your Life – It’s Not What You Think It Is

If I were to ask you what or who is the thing that shapes your life or creates the results you have, what would your answer be?

The most powerful force in your life is your ability as a human to consciously and intentionally make a decision.

Most species on the planet do not have the agency that we have as humans in making decisions ahead of time.  This ability to make a series of decisions to create a result or a goal or some outcome in our life is delegated to the human species.  

It’s so awesome.

Yet many of us squander this most powerful aspect of being a human and living the human life by delegating our decisions to the world and other people.

It looks something like this.

Saying yes, when you really mean no.

Putting that social event on your calendar that you are totally dreading attending.

Going to college and getting a high paying corporate job – because this is what smart people do and it’s the path to “happiness”.

Pretending you are the person that you think the world and other people will “Like” in order to validate yourself or feel good about yourself.

Working tons of hours because you think this is what “hard work” looks like.

When you make decisions based on what you THINK the world or other people THINK you should do, you end up with a life that is completely disempowering and dissatisfying.  

You decide against yourself.

If this is you, I have great news for you.

The antidote is simple.

Make different decisions.

We hear so much about work/life balance and how to achieve it.  Here’s what I want you to know.  If your life feels out of balance in any way – it’s just a decision making issue.  That’s it.

Now this is simple, yes.  But is it easy?  For most of us who have lived our lives for other people – no.  

But it is 100% worth it.  It’s so empowering and liberating to know that you get to decide – on all of it.

It’s your superpower as a human.  To Decide.

What will you do with this superpower this week?

When you are ready to make decisions about your schedule so that you are living a life that reflects WHO and WHAT is most important to you, I’ve got you.  Work/life balance is just a decision making issue.  You can get started today by making the decision to join my Facebook Group, “How To Get It All Done” (CLICK HERE) to learn more.

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