The One Selfish Mistake You Are Making With Your Time

Selfless means thinking less about yourself and more about others.

The most important word in this definition is “thinking”.  

We have interpreted this definition to mean that if we do less for ourselves that we are selfless and that’s what it looks like to be a “good” Mom, wife, boss, employee.

But we have this all wrong.

It’s not about doing less for ourselves, it’s thinking about other people.  And when you are stressed out and overwhelmed and frantically rushing from one thing to the next because your schedule is out of control, you are not thinking about anyone but you. 

It’s the opposite of what we think it should be.  

By not creating time and space in your schedule for yourself, you are being selfish because what happens is that you run around, thinking only about you and what you have to do next, what you didn’t get done, it’s all you, you, you

When you intentionally schedule time in your calendar each week for yourself, you automatically become more selfless.  Taking care of yourself is the most selfless act you could do because it frees up mental energy that you can direct to your kids, your family, your work, and your dreams.

This is one of the most important skills you will need to learn to bring back balance into your life and stop overworking.  

Yes, this is a skill. It’s just that nobody taught it to you before now.

To begin practicing this skill – start small.  If you haven’t been scheduling any time for yourself, then you don’t want to start by scheduling a 2 hour massage.  It’s too big of a leap and you probably won’t follow through.  So, choose one small thing for each day or at least 2 to 3 days this next week.  It could be 15 minutes of reading or journaling, a 15 minute walk, or even sitting in silence by yourself for a few minutes meditating.  It doesn’t matter the activity.  

The most important part is that you put it on your schedule first.

This time is scheduled first and everything else gets scheduled around it.  This is how you guarantee that you MAKE time to take care of yourself every week.

The other requirement for this to work is that you honor this appointment you have made with yourself.  Don’t override it with someone or something else.  Think about it like it was a doctor’s appointment for your child or some other appointment that you wouldn’t dare miss.  

Because it is.  It is a meeting with the CEO of your life.  

Be selfless this week and schedule time for you, first. 

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