These 90 Minutes Are The Secret To Mastering Your Schedule

As you reflect back over 2019, can you say that you were a Master of your schedule?  Did you get everything you wanted – done?  And in a way that was not frantic and rushing and stressful?

If not, I have great news for you.

It’s just a scheduling issue.

Leaning how to Master your schedule means you get to be in charge of it.  And the pathway to get there is planning for productivity. 

As a busy, working Mom you have kids to manage, bosses and clients to navigate, a spouse and a million other things coming at you every day so it will seem impossible to get 8 hours of uninterrupted, distraction free time.  It’s just not realistic.  

And this is unnecessary to get started mastering your schedule.

Consider carving out just 90 to 120 minutes each day or at least a few days a week for high productivity.  This is your Magic Time.

If you do this right, you can get more done in this small sliver of time than most people get done in an entire day.

Here’s how to make sure you do it right.

  1. This time is spent on the Important but Not Urgent things in your work.  This is from Stephen Covey’s Quadrant.  These are things that would really move the needle in your work – it’s that big project or initiative that you really want to get to but because it’s not screaming at you, it just hasn’t gotten your time or your attention.  Think high level, strategic, goal producing tasks and activities here.  You can start by doing a quick brain dump of all of the things that would qualify as Important and Not Urgent.
  2. Find your Magic Zone.  This is the zone of time during your day where your brain is the most energetic, your productivity is the highest, where you can get into your creative, flow state the easiest.  For most of us, this is the morning time but there are also people whose magic zone is the afternoon or even evening time.
  3. Schedule your time blocks during your magic zone.  Decide ahead of time when these will be and schedule them on your calendar.  These appointments you just made with yourself are non-negotiable, just like your kids’ doctors or orthodontist appointments.  And these time blocks are focused, deep work time – with ZERO distractions.  No notifications on your phone or email, a closed door at the office, phone on DND.

If you follow these 3 principles in scheduling this magic time into your day, you will start to become the Master of your schedule.

You will get more done, in less time when you PLAN for PRODUCTIVITY.

To quote Mando, (my boys favorite show right now), “This is the way.”

If you want more help in becoming the Master of your schedule, I’ve got you.  All you need to do to take the next step is to grab your FREE 45 Minute Planning Session with me (CLICK HERE).  This is a one on one session where I will take you through my Before and After Process  which is designed to diagnose what isn’t working in your schedule right now, what you really want instead (work less hours and get more done, take one day off each week – just for you, weekly date night, work only during school hours??) and how our work together is the bridge for this gap.  You don’t have to keep doing the same things you’ve always done.  In fact, this is the one thing you can do to guarantee yourself that nothing changes.  When you are ready for a change, join me in your FREE Planning Session.  (CLICK HERE

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