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Get what you want done in under 30 hours a week.

Whether your 30 hour workweek requires you to scale back by 5, 10, or 20 hours per week - it’s the same exact process. Check out my 3 Step Scheduling Method.

The key to getting everything you want done is SIMPLIFYING - this means editing back what you do but also strategically scheduling when you do the things to make it easier and faster to get them done. And in a calm and focused way instead of frantic and rushing in a race against the clock.

This is not something you can learn in a traditional time management or productivity course because they don’t teach you how to feel calm and focused or how to leverage your brain’s design to get more done with less effort - faster. 

step 1:

design your schedule

step 2:

follow your schedule

step 3:

scale back your schedule

Simplify your schedule to 30 hours or less without sacrificing success so you can work part time and enjoy more freedom and flexibility - for the rest of your career.


step 3:

step 2:

step 1:

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+ Scheduling Assessment with a trained coach who will review your schedule and tell you what to change so you can get more done - faster and easier.
+ 16 Pre-made Schedule Templates to make your weekly schedule prep fast and easy.
+ 10 Minute How To Use Time Blocking Lesson to get your To Do List Done in half the time.
+ How To Slash Your To Do List in 5 Minutes Lesson.
+ 5 Minute Schedule Hacking series with quick tips you can do in under 5 minutes to to get more done, more easily.
+ 15 Minute Whole Brain Scheduling Lesson for a schedule that is so easy it doesn’t feel like work. This is the secret to balance nobody told you about.
+ The course works around your schedule so you can consume it when it works best for you with on demand video lessons, private podcast, and fillable worksheets and checklists. Binge it all in the time it takes to watch 2 Netflix shows. 
+ Spotify play lists designed to energize you when you are feeling overwhelmed or tired and keep you calm and focused when you are feeling distracted and scattered.
+ 10 Week Plan outlined for you with the paint by numbers of what to do each week to guarantee you get to your 30 hour workweek.

- Keep Your Promises Accountability System to keep you on track with your schedule. This unbeatable system takes all the hard work out of following through.
- 24/7 text support for additional accountability in the first 30 days when you really need it.
- Get everything you want done - without having to be uber focused or eliminate your distraction or procrastination (aka you can be a human) with exclusive To Do List Done Training.
- 5 Minute Schedule Hacking Series for quick tips on how to handle the unexpected and other people’s urgencies quickly so you don’t get derailed and can stay on track with your schedule.
- Schedule Assessment with a trained coach to keep you on track with your scheduling work.

-Done For You 6 Month Work Less Plan guaranteeing you get your 30 hour week so you have the freedom to do what you want - when you want to do it.
+ 5 Minute Simplify To Save Time Lesson to get your projects and tasks done faster and easier.
+ 10 Minute How To Delete Things From Your Schedule Lesson with 2 quick and easy techniques that free up more time for what matters.
+ 5 Minute Cut Your Time In Half Systematizing Lesson to easily set up systems and processes that requires no extra work or time from you to do.
+ How To Take the Holidays Off Masterclass Bonus to start rewarding yourself with more time off.
** Option to upgrade and get additional weekly schedule check ins where we tell you where to scale back and how to do it so you are staying on track with your Work Less Plan, guaranteeing you get your 30 hour workweek.

Simple 3 step Scheduling Method . . . that’ll double what you get done without having to work more and will make Monday morning - something to look forward to.

How to make following your schedule easy - even when you don’t feel like it, something unexpected happens or your team, clients or boss need something from you that you didn’t plan.

Get ready for a life of luxury - more vacay, longer weekends and evenings without worrying that you didn’t get enough done.




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+ You are so done with overworking and hustling, trying so hard to get your To Do List done each week.


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+ You want to do what you tell yourself you will - consistently, even when you don’t feel like it or other people’s needs threaten to sabotage your plans. You get access to text support for any not following through 911s for 30 days.

+ You want a system that is quick and easy to use and doesn’t require you to “manage your time better” or “be more productive”.

+ You are tired of working so hard and not having enough to show for it even though you are exhausted at the end of the week. Get 3 scheduling assessments with a trained coach so you can find the things that are draining you and fix them asap.

+ You are bold enough to take a stand against living with a crappy schedule and choose one that is “so easy it doesn’t feel like work.”

+ You are a DIY’er or would like to start here, knowing you have the option to upgrade to the Mastermind anytime we enroll. (We will apply the purchase price of the course to the Mastermind when you join.)

+ Your schedule currently looks like this:  
& feels like a$$.

+ Your schedule currently looks like this:  

& feels like a$$.

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