Want to make $10k in 10 Hours?

All you need is an offer that does the work of selling - so you don’t have to.

You don't need to be           at selling.


When you are starting out building a business there are a lot of things you have to learn.

selling does         have to be one of them.  


All you really need is an offer so good that it does the selling work for you.  This is easily done in 10 hours a week.

In $10k in 10 hours you will:

A business is only as good as its’ offer.

+ Learn 5 simple steps to create an offer that sells for you so you don’t have to be “good” at selling to make your first $10k.

+ Get a done for you schedule so you don’t have to waste time figuring out what you should do in your 10 hours a week.  (The work you do inside this program and the coaching calls are included in your 10 hours so you don't need additional time for this work.)

+ Learn how to overdeliver to your customers so well that they will stay with you forever and you’ll have to create a waitlist or scale your biz to accommodate them.  

+ Learn how to make your offer so good that you consistently get ‘Hell Yeses’ instead of having to persuade, convince or “sell” anyone on it or overcoming a bunch of objections (when the offer is so good - there are no objections).

This is true at $10k, $100k, $1million and every level beyond.

the best news?

You only need to create an offer your client “can’t say no to” - one time. So learning how to do this will pay you unlimited dividends in thousands of hours of saved time and hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

I created a new “Can’t Say No Offer” in my biz and sold it out in less than a week. I made $30k with the investment of about 10 hours of my time and didn’t do any sales calls, social posts, podcasts or send out any emails.

Anything is possible when you have this kind of offer. It’s what will make your biz a dream come true. It’s the difference between a “good” biz that takes lots of time and energy to build and maintain and a biz that creates freedom and fulfillment.

This is the reason companies like Amazon and Netflix don’t have to sell to make money. When you learn about what they offer - you just want it. 

"I made $30k in 10 hours"

So, what does it take to create a
“No Brainer, Can’t Say No Offer”?

Just 5 simple steps.


B- Niche

The first step is to create a “good enough” niche. You don’t need to waste a bunch of time finding the “perfect” niche. You just need one that’s good enough because your offer will take care of the rest.


Make It Reassuringly Expensive

The next step is to price your offer high enough that it makes it super easy for your customer to say yes to. You might think that lower prices make it easier to sell but that’s not true. Nobody wants the discount plastic surgeon.


Create Your “No Brainer, Can’t Say No” Offer

This is the most fun part and it’s super simple with the 5 step process that I teach. To make it fail proof I give you 4 metrics that the offer must meet to be at “No Brainer” status. This means anyone can do this, even if you have never sold anything before.


No Selling Required Levers

Selling is just helping someone make a decision. When you use these 4 lever that I teach you in creating your offer, the offer itself helps your customer make the decision. This means you aren’t stuck trying to overcome objections, convince them to buy and feeling like a slimy car salesman on sales calls.


The Offer Lab

This is where you start to make money. This 16 week process guarantees it. All you need to do is follow the steps and the money is as good as done.

I’ve gone through this process hundreds of times with entrepreneurs who are just starting out and those who are already at multiple 6 or 7 figs.  

“This offer is so good, I want it.”

Here’s the most common comment I get when we are done:

 the ultimate test.

If you can get to - “I want this!” for your own offer, you know you have a biz that is going to make a shit ton of money.

This is the How of selling stuff for lots of money (even if you haven’t sold anything before) and having a biz that gives you unlimited freedom.

$10k In 10 Hours is a small group Mastermind.

We have 10 spots for January 2022
(October 2021 sold out in 10 days).

I want $10k In 10 Hrs!


this is

Here’s how it works:

+ Lifetime access to 5 Modules of videos, worksheets and recorded calls.

+ 6 Months of weekly small group coaching calls. We meet on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm PST.

+ We give you the 10 Hour Schedule to use that guarantees you have the time to do the work in the MM and create $$ in your biz.

+ 24/7 Slack access to Neill and your MM peers.

+ Live 1 day in person retreat where you do the work of creating your offer. (Attendance in person is not required.)

i'm all in!

get an inside look at corinne's journey through my coaching model:

$10k in 10 Hrs is for you if you:

Are an LCS certified coach with a day job and want to start making money in your biz or pay back your tuition quickly in 10 hours or less a week.

Are a coach, consultant, freelancer, or course creator who has tried “all the things” and are still struggling to make money.

Have a desire to do something more rewarding and fulfilling and are so done with working a ton of hours to make money in your day job.

Dream of the entrepreneurial lifestyle but haven’t figured out how to make it happen yet.  

Considered a side hustle but thought it wasn’t possible for you because you don’t have enough time or you need to be “good” at sales and marketing (and you’re not).

I want $10k In 10 Hrs!

Still not sure?

Book a Niche Strategy Call with Neill first.

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6 Payments of $347 & $1K for each of your first 3 Sales made

This is just the beginning. If you can do $10k, you can do $20k, $50k, $100k - all in 10 hours or less. And this means - more choice for how much $$ you make and how much you work.

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