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Finally. . .  productivity designed for how your brain and body naturally work.

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Success Genius is not your grandma's productivity advice.  This is the show that doesn't just break the rules, it rewrites the entire time management playbook.

Hi.  I'm your host and coach - Neill.  I'm a Master Certified Life Coach, yoga instructor and science geek (former actuary - just Google it, lol).

This show delivers the modern productivity model that leverages the science behind how your body and your brain were built.  Each episode of Success Genius brings you the simple high-impact habits, tools and mindsets to optimize your whole body focus, motivation and energy. 

Welcome.  I'm so glad you're here.  We have a lot to chat about.

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Love this podcast!! It keeps me motivated and inspired to be the CEO I need to be while not overthinking and overworking! Proof it can be done!!

Neill has amazing insight, very actionable tips, and you just feel like she’s in your corner rooting for you as you listen. I love hay the episodes are 15-20 minutes and packed with life-changing info. ❤️ Definitely give it a listen!

Neill is amazing. Her approachable candor and personality really make you feel welcome. Neill has a great way of explaining concepts that makes them easy to understand and process. Highly recommend if you know the importance of work life balance and want to “work” less.

This is hands down my favorite business coach podcast that exists. Of course I am slightly biased as she is my coach, nonetheless, her weekly #neillisms are what keep me going through the good and the bad moments of being a business owner. It is a must listen, truly.

Neil has such a great way of connecting to real problems we all face. I felt like she was talking to me. Excited to implement some small changes I know will have a big impact.

If you are looking for someone to help you rock your calendar and make the most of your time, she is it!! Love her helpful spirit!

I just listened to the episode about how entrepreneurs think and the last point you made was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR💡

Get out of my head!! Seriously Neil knows exactly what I’m struggling with (sometimes before I even recognize it as a problem myself) and then gives me the tools to help fix my personal management problems. I am so grateful to have found Neill. Be prepared to do the work, but it’s SO WORTH IT.

This has been tested and validated on 300+ life coaches just like you so have the data to prove that it works.  But if pigs start flying and you find you are the exception, we will refund your money so it's 100% risk free.

"What if it doesn't work for me?."

Heck NO my sweet coach friend! Whether you are just starting out or want to add another revenue stream to your business with a brand new program, The Signature Program Blueprint will make creating a program that sells itself effortless.

"I'm just starting out, is this too advanced for me?"


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