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I used to work - a lot. I thought that’s what it took to get things done, make money and be successful. I drank the Kool Aid of the Hustle Culture. But it wasn’t sustainable. That’s when I figured out how to take control of my schedule. And when I did, I got way more done in less time and made more money. Success was just easier and faster.

I'm a mom, a wife, a master certified coach, and an entreprenuer

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In the UBYS Course, you learn to simplify your schedule so you can work less and get a shit ton done with 3 Advanced Scheduling Principles. You get all the fancy things - my Advanced Scheduling Workbook, 6 Month Work Less Planner, a Neill-Flix of video trainings to support your scheduling work. But this isn’t why you should join. There is one skill that I will teach you that you can’t learn in any other time management or old white boys club productivity training. It’s the thing that has made me half a million dollars and saved me thousands of hours over the past 2 years alone.

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“Neill is pure magic. She has the gift of being able to see your mindset blocks and gives you the tools to overcome these blocks. She has the unique ability to help you with both personal and professional challenges.”

- Jamie

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Do it! Neill's program is the best money that I have ever spent in terms of personal/professional growth. It's literally changed my life and transformed the way I think about my business. I have been leery to invest in myself in the past, but the past 6 months have proven to me how powerful it can be when you invest in your own growth." 


"Just hire Neill as your coach! I've had a lot of coaches and working with Neill is the first time I set a goal at the beginning of our time together and actually accomplished it (and more) by the end. I would love for her to be my permanent coach."


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