I Help Kick-Ass Coaches Build A Profitable Funnel In 30 days.

($100k Funnel™ Is The Fast Track To 2x Sales On AUTOPILOT, 24/7.)

Buy $100K Funnel™ Course

Buy $100K Funnel™ Course

Buy $100K Funnel™ Course

Buy $100K Funnel™ Course

Most coaches miss out on sales because they don't have a profitable funnel.

+ Your sales page doesn't actually sell.

+ Your list doesn't buy.

+ You get overwhelmed by all the pieces of a funnel.

+ You worry you will invest in Facebook ads and waste your $$$.

+ You "aren't good at tech" so you think a funnel isn't for you.

Can you relate?

Consistently book 1:1 calls and webinars and 2x your sales.

Let your funnel take care of your sales 24/7 so you can focus on coaching your clients.

Finally get an ROI from your Facebook and Instagram Ads investment.

Sell Out Like Clockwork

Build Your 6-Figure Business in 10 hrs/wk.

Make Zuckerberg Your Best Employee

Can You Imagine waking up to sales notifications in your inbox?

That's What a funnel does for you.

"I’ve been in business for a few years so I almost didn’t sign up for the 100K funnel course. I’ve taken a couple of different courses over the years and I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t need another course, even though my gut was telling me that this course was going to be good.

Man, am I glad I listened to my gut! Of all of the courses I have taken this is the most well laid out and easy to follow. I’ve heard some of the concepts before, but the
courses are so well done everything is hitting me different this time and I’ making massive progress. I just wanted to
say thanks to Neill and her team. I’m excited about my business and can’t wait to see what this year brings”

I get it. Building a successful online business can feel hard.  
A Funnel will make it so much easier.

You have a life — a job, a family, other obligations — which means you don’t have endless hours to devote to your coaching biz. 

I didn’t either… and I was frustrated that the prevailing formula for success required time I didn’t have. That's why I created $100k Funnel - to make it quick and painless to get a funnel running in just 30 days.

If you got Certified As A Coach, you have what it Takes To Build A funnel.

+ 2x Faster with pre-written ChatGPT scripts you can copy & paste.

+ Is for any coach who wants a funnel to take care of their marketing and sales.

+Includes lifetime access to the materials, so you can come back and use it again for any new funnels you want to build.

+ Monthly LIVE Workshops (+ access to all recordings) on Copywriting, Email Marketing, Niche and Offers, Tech, Facebook and Funnel strategy to check you are doing it right.

 neill williams

Queen of the   
6-Figure Funnel

FB/IG Ads Certified by Rick Mulready

Master Certified Life Coach

With templates, cheatsheets, ChatGPT scripts, and a SIMPLE funnel design, your funnel will be up & running in as little as 30 days.




Buy the course

Get Expert Support

Scale to 6-Figures

In 30 days you will have limitless profit potential.

Rely on our team of copywriting, email marketing, tech and ads coaches to make sure you've done it right.

Optimize your funnel and easily scale it to 6-figures and beyond.

 Smart Marketer Email Certified


If you’re ready for Stripe and Paypal Sales Notifications while you sleep, $100k Funnel Is For You.

Buy $100K Funnel™ Course

The only facebook ads and online business course endorsed
by paid ads expert:

Rick Mulready 

“It’s been so fun watching Neill experience such amazing growth in her business in a very short amount of time. She’s the real deal -- a practitioner of everything she teaches. Her experience and success allows her cut through the BS of what’s taught in the rest of the coaching space about what’s actually necessary to create a 6-figure coaching business. And she does it in such a simplified way that produces success story after success story. If you’re a coach looking to create a 6-figure coaching business, you’ve come to right place with Neill.”   Rick Mulready

“Within the first week, I signed 4 new coaching clients!”

100k in 10 hours used to seem impossible.....but I notice when you say that now. . . my belief has totally grown. I could keep my day job, and create 100k.

Anthea D.

I implemented that one change we talked about on our coaching call and my conversion rate went from 30% to 50% immediately. 

Allison R.

So my $$$ making machine has been turned on, and I got 3 takers of my lead magnet today. Wow! And, someone I had made an offer to last week just signed up for my program. First person to enroll in this next round. 1 down, 14 to go. 

Sindy W.

Now I feel like I can pull the trigger because I have a vision for what my funnel/ program can look like. I feel like I'll be supported with this group as I continue to work on the pieces of the puzzle over the next couple of months.


Your style this week with specific, tangible, reasonable, understandable and GENEROUS information and support has been remarkable. And just what I need. That’s honestly what made the go or no-go decision for me. Looking forward to the adventure ahead!


"I was frustrated that I had an amazing program but I wasn't reaching enough of the right people."

"My funnel is so effective now, by the time my clients get to the consult call - they want my coaching."

Why Rodrigo bought $100k Funnel immediately:

Nail Your Niche & Your Offer in 1 Hour:

Curated ChatGPT scripts to choose your niche and design your Signature Program Offer that will sell itself in your funnel.

Grow the Right Sized List For Your Funnel In 1 Hour:

Get your lead magnet idea, ad copy and landing page copy done in an hour with our templates and curated ChatGPT scripts.

Write The Emails That Turn Your List Into Raving Fans:

Get your growing list to fall in love with your brand & mission and wanting MORE of your help in just 4 hours using our email templates.

Turn Your List Into Cash.

Get your list to click, book, register and buy with emails and a sales page they will drool over.  All it takes is 6 hours with our templates & ChatGPT scripts.

Step By Step Funnel Build

Get the ChatGPT scripts that print out the lego instruction manual for putting the pieces of your funnel together - no matter what software you use.






You don't want to just make money. . . what you really want is a system that is SCALABLE to do that for you.

That's what a funnel delivers.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together:


No-Brainer Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Make Back Your Ad Spend In A Week Mini Training.

Learn how to get paid to grow your email list with the SLO Funnel Training, templates and calculator.

Bonus #2: Clicked:  Turn Your Emails Into Cash Course.

Get 6 proven templated email sequences to get your list to open, click, book, register and buy.  Also learn the nuts & bolts of email marketing so you can get the 4,200% ROI from this one asset.

Bonus #3: ChatGPT Funnel CheatCode Scripts.

Make your funnel build a piece of cake by letting ChatGPT do 90% of your work for you.

Bonus #4: LIVE How To Write Copy That Sells Training.

Get the sales page copy that 2x your conversions with expert StoryBrand copywriter Kris Jones.

Bonus #5: Advanced Ad Strategies to Scale Beyond 6-Figures.

Learn how to add podcast ads, webinar registration ads, launch ads, launch strategy and Tik Tok ads to your funnel to scale beyond 6-figures.

Bonus #6: Suite of Marketing Trainings and Workshops At Your Fingertips

Build your 7-Figure Brand, use organic traffic to fill your funnel, learn how to leverage SM in your funnel, start a podcast, and so, so much more.


The $100k  Funnel Guarantees:

You don’t have to be “good” at selling in order to make money. 

The 6-Figure Funnel process teaches you the most important marketing skills to get your funnel to 6-figures.

This course was designed to work around even the busiest schedules.

No Sales 
Experience Required

No Marketing 
Experience Required

10 Hours/Wk or Less - I'm serious.

Do the work, show me your results within 14 days of enrolling, and if you're still not satisfied, you get a refund.

No Coach Left Behind Guarantee


Don't Miss Out on More impact & Limitless profit potential.

Single pay of $1,997

6 payments of $337

Enroll In $100k Funnel Course Now
For the Funnel that Will Effortlessly 2x your Sales.


Too many coaches fizzle out because of ineffective and time consuming marketing.

Your coaching is too important for you to keep struggling.

You deserve a funnel to take care of your sales so you can focus on your clients.

Let's Get Your Funnel Launched In Just 30 Days!