The $100k Funnel.™

Build and launch your 6-Figure Funnel and profitable Facebook Ads campaign for your coaching business in 30 days.



many Coaches growing an online business Struggle to
get to 6-figures because their marketing isn't working.

+ You struggle to attract the right people in your niche.

+ Your offer isn't consistently converting to sales.

+ You know you have to do more marketing but your plate is FULL and you just don't have time.

+ You know that Facebook and Instagram ads are the smart way to build your list but you worry you will do them wrong and waste $$.

+ You know that "building a sales funnel" is important but you don't know where to start.

Can you relate?

marketing that grows your business to
6-figures doesn't have to take so long . . .

When you have a 6-Figure Sales Funnel …

Nail your niche and design an offer that sells itself to your target audience so consistently sell out your program.

Let your sales Funnel do your marketing work for you 24/7 so you can focus on coaching your clients.

You'll get to collaborate with experts in tech, copywriting, email marketing, Facebook Ads and Funnel Strategy so  you know it's done right.


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Build Your 6-Figure Business in 10 hrs/wk.

Get Expert Advice

I get it. Building a successful online business can feel hard, but it doesn’t have to.

You have a full plate — a job, a family, other obligations — which means you are building your business in the cracks of your life. I didn’t either… so I figured out a way to do it in the time I did have.  

$100k Funnel is so effective because it requires less than 5 hours a week and you don't do it alone.  You get a step by step plan and expert advice to build your 6-Figure Funnel and Facebook Ads Campaign in just 30 days.

This is a one-of-a-kind 6-Figure Funnel and Facebook Ads Course:

Here’s my simple and highly-effective 
formula for success:

+ Supports any learning style and pace with 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day plans.

+ Is for anyone who hasn't achieved a 6-figure funnel with paid ads yet.
+ Includes lifetime access to the materials and support so you can master online marketing and build your empire with this one course investment.

+ Slack channel for Funnel and Facebook Ads support 24/7.
+ Monthly tech workshops so you don’t get stuck in tech hell
+ Monthly copy workshops so you write words that sell for you
+ Monthly offer and niche workshop with Neill to make sure your idea will sell.
+Monthly FB Ad & Funnel Strategy workshop with Neill to strategize and troubleshoot your FB Ads and funnel and understand what your data is telling you.

xo, neill williams

Queen of the   
6-Figure Funnel

Endorsed by online business expert Rick Mulready.

Advanced Certified Deep Dive Coach 

Master Certified Life Coach


build a 6-Figure funnel and facebook ads campaign
in 30 days.

The funnel does 40+ hours of marketing work for you: 

(so you can take care of your kids, do your day job and the things you enjoy without sacrificing your business goals.)

Here’s how it works:




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Get Expert Support:

Scale to 6-Figures

Build and Launch your
6-Figure Funnel and Ads Campaign in 30 days.

Use the data to optimize your funnel and get an ROI on your ad spend.

Scale your funnel and Facebook Ads Campaign to
6-Figures (and beyond.)


Unlimited support from me and my team of experts:

The only facebook ads
and online business
course endorsed by
paid ads expert

Rick Mulready 

“It’s been so fun watching Neill experience such amazing growth in her business in a very short amount of time. She’s the real deal -- a practitioner of everything she teaches. Her experience and success allows her cut through the BS of what’s taught in the rest of the coaching space about what’s actually necessary to create a 6-figure coaching business. And she does it in such a simplified way that produces success story after success story. If you’re a coach looking to create a 6-figure coaching business, you’ve come to right place with Neill.”   Rick Mulready

“Within the first week, I signed 4 new coaching clients”


100k in 10 hours used to seem impossible.....but I notice when you say that now. . . my belief has totally grown. I could keep my day job, and create 100k.
Anthea D.

I implemented that one change we talked about on our coaching call and my conversion rate went from 30% to 50% immediately. 
Allison R.


Friends I have a couple of pieces of exciting news. So my $$$ making machine has been turned on, and I got 3 takers of my lead magnet today. Wow! And, someone I had made an offer to last week just signed up for my program. First person to enroll in this next round. 1 down, 14 to go. Thank you @neillwilliamscoaching and @Anthea for all the amazing support!
Sindy W.



Your style this week with specific, tangible, reasonable, understandable and GENEROUS information and support has been remarkable. And just what I need. That’s honestly what made the go or no-go decision for me. Looking forward to the adventure ahead!


Now I feel like I can pull the trigger because I have a vision for what my funnel/ program can look like. I feel like I'll be supported with this group as I continue to work on the pieces of the puzzle over the next couple of months. I just finished Module 1. Now on to Module 2!


Listen, anyone can teach
you how to make money.  

Create your 6-Figure Offer That Sells Itself

Nail your niche and design an offer that makes it easy to market and sell in your funnel.

The Right 6-Figure Funnel Strategy for your offer.

Not all funnel strategies work for 6-Figure Funnels.  Nail your 6-Figure Funnel strategy in 15 minutes with our done for your funnel blueprints.

Master Facebook Ads with the Ultimate Facebook Ads module.

Maximize your marketing budget and never waste money on facebook ads again. 

30 Day Step by Step Plan to build and launch your 6-Figure Funnel from scratch.

Put all the pieces together in a simple “paint by numbers” method that’s 100% headache-free and can be accomplished in less than 5 hours a week.

Scale your funnel to 6-Figures using the metrics that matter.

In less that 30 minutes a week, you’ll gather data that helps you grow scale to 6-figures and beyond.







But what you really want is to learn how to build a business  that makes ridiculous amounts of money while giving you more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment.  That's what a 6-figure sales funnel will do for you.

Here’s what we’ll
accomplish together:

No-Brainer Bonuses!

Bonus #1: $250 of Facebook Ads - FREE.
($250 value) 

Bonus #2: How To Write A Nurture Sequence That Turns Leads Into Raving Fans and a Pitch Sequence that Sells For You Trainings with Allison Hardy.

Bonus #3: Confident Legal Business Set Up with Sindy Warren.
($1,000 value) 

Bonus #4: How To Write Sales Page and Landing Page Copy That Converts with Kris Jones.
($3,000 value) 


Bonus #5: Ultimate FB Ads Toolkit for 6 Figure Funnels
Learn how to do a profitable lead generation, Podcast, and webinar registration campaigns, and even how to get paid to grow your list with Facebook Ads.

My $100k  Funnel Guarantee

You don’t have to be “good” at selling in order to make money. 

The 6-Figure Funnel process teaches you the most important marketing skills to get your funnel to 6-figures.

This course was designed to work around even the busiest schedules.


No Sales 
Experience Required

No Marketing 
Experience Required

10 Hours a Week or Less - I’m serious.

You can do this in 30 days.  But if you don't, we will still support you with lifetime access to the workshops and Slack Channel.

No Coach Left Behind Guarantee

Don't let ineffective marketing keep you from the 6-figure business you want.

Too many coaches and online experts fizzle out and give up just because they didn't have an expert by their side to help them win at the game of online marketing.

You've worked too hard to keep struggling.

Let's make sure your sales funnel and ads do the heavy lift of marketing for you 24/7.