I totally bought into the idea that I should work more to get more done and that my reward for all of this time and effort would be success - climbing the corporate ladder, partnership, money, prestige. So I worked tons of overtime hours - more than anyone else in the firm when I was a corporate girl.

And I was miserable. I was missing out on time with my son, I was compensating for my stress, overwhelm and misery with food, wine, Netflix and obsessive running (to the point I actually broke both of my legs - yes this is crazy, I know.). I wanted to scale back my workweek desperately but everyone told me that if I did I would have to give up on my dreams of success and would make less money.

I finally called BS on what these so called “logical” people were telling me and decided I would be different. True success couldn’t be at the expense of myself or my life.

"My favorite thing about working with Neill is that she "gets it!" She's a mom and wife, too and proof a woman can "have it all" with the proper plan in place."



“Neill is pure magic. She has the gift of being able to see your mindset blocks and gives you the tools to overcome these blocks. She has the unique ability to help you with both personal and professional challenges.”



“Neill is such a fantastic coach, I can't recommend her highly enough. If you want to get your s*** together and take your business to the next level, your work with Neill will be invaluable.”



Then I had the epiphany that changed everything. I realized that it wasn’t the hours that mattered but what I accomplished in my time that was valuable. From this one shift in mindset, I scaled back my workweek to 30 hours and got the same amount done as other people in my same position.

I decided if I could make this work in the corporate world with all of it’s rules then I could totally do it in my own biz. So I applied this idea to my own side hustle. And I quickly built it to a multiple 6 figure biz in 2 years working about 25 hours a week.  

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