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free workshop Series

Productivity Code

Elevate your productivity, reduce stress, and optimize your daily routines with this FREE workshop series.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind productivity, stress reduction, morning routines, and efficient time management.

  • Actionable resources and science-backed strategies to boost productivity, reduce stress, optimize morning routines, and achieve more in less time.

  • Each workshop includes a curated Toolkit for immediate application.

tools to supercharge your day:

What to Expect in Productivity Code

What to expect in Productivity Code

11/16 @ 9AM PST

10 Hour Schedule

November 2023 Training 

3 Steps To Your Most Productive Schedule.

  • Discover your most productive hours. 
  • Get a schedule that never misses a deadline.
  • 3 Essential Productivity Tools to supercharge your day.

After this workshop you'll have a 10 Hour Schedule that's a productivity powerhouse.


Learn how to set, assess and pursue goals with science and psychology based tools.

  • Set your 2024 goals at the appropriate level. 
  • Create your goal achievement plan for 2024.
  • Toolkit to help you stay motivated in your 2024 goal pursuit.

This workshop is for you if you want to improve your performance in your business or work, fitness, or personal development.


January 2023 Training 


Hi! I'M NEILL - A productivity coach helping ambitious entrepreneurs be so productive, 10 hours is all they need.

Meet Your Coach

I learned firsthand how productivity leads to more impact, life and job satisfaction and success:

  • I built a $200k coaching business in 10 hrs/wk while in my demanding corporate job.
  • I compressed an intense corporate 60+ hour workweek down to just 30 as a partner in a firm.
  • I'm running a $500k/yr business in 10 hours/wk.

Time doesn't make or break your productivity, you do.  But nobody taught you HOW to be productive as an entrepreneur & turn that skill into a successful business - until now.

as featured in...

Schedule blueprint

This Scheduling Blueprint is a game-changer.

  • Discover your most productive hours.
  • Get a 10 minute morning routine for optimal energy, focus and motivation.
  • Learn how to set up a schedule that you will WANT to follow and accomplishes all of your To Dos.