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Productivity isn't just about working faster (that's really fun too).  It's the key that unlocks success, health and a balanced and rich life:

  • The 10 Hour Week Program will teach you how to become so productive you can get 40 hours of work done in 10.

  • 1:1 Performance Coaching with Neill will help you take control of all aspects of your performance - productivity, fitness, nutrition, mental and emotional health.

Not sure where to start?  Get Your Productivity Score.  If it's less than 80%, 10 Hour Week is a great place to start.

so productive, 10 hours is all you need?

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We've got work to do!

The secret to Optimal Productivity is the ability to control your state of mind and body and shift it between productive and chill - at will.

10 Hour Week is my signature productivity program designed to teach you the tools and practices that will help you balance being a To Do List Ass Kicking Machine and Zen AF.

when you realize it has nothing to do with More hours

Productivity is Simple...

You become the envy of your friends, peers and family and regularly pinch yourself because you love your schedule so much.

Even though you love to drive in the fast lane, you know how to turn it off and finally relax and enjoy life.

You have never been happier, healthier or more fulfilled with the trajectory of your business, health, life and relationships.

A schedule that you will actually WANT to follow and delivers projects done - on time.

You don't go to bed feeling anxious and worried about what didn't get done.

You have time to take care of your health, be present with your family and do things that fill you up, without guilt.

...have a consistent and reliable schedule that covers all your to dos, projects & goals, with time leftover...

Imagine if you could...


1:1 With Neill


10 Hour Week

because your business & your life
will never outperform you. 

let's nail this productivity & personal performance thing - together

$2,497 / 12 weeks

12 Week Group
productivity PrograM 

10 Hour Week:

Become so productive, 10 hours a week is all you need.

  • Get your most Productive Schedule.
  • Zero Hour Morning Routine for optimal focus and a boost of motivation.
  • Productivity Pal Planner to stay organized and on track with your tasks and projects.
  • Exclusive Get It Done Formula to knock a big project off your list.

Get the tools and strategies to conquer your To Do List and finally take control of your schedule and your time.
Full scope Personalized 6 Month Program to optimize:

  • The 5 pillars of performance - sleep, nutrition, exercise, social connection & stress management.
  • Team performance with a free spot in 10 Hour Week for you or a team member.
  • Mental and emotional health with 6 months of 1:1 coaching.
  • Physical health with a personalized 12 month fitness plan & personal training.

Book a Free Performance Strategy Call for your personalized Performance Plan to get started today.

$10,000 / 6 mo 

6-mo package

1:1 Performance Coaching

Want to see if 1:1 Performance coaching is the right fit for you?

Thank you for everything!

In just a few weeks the changes in my schedule and how I think about time have been dramatic! Thank you for everything you share.

Neill is pure magic

Neill is pure magic. She has the gift of being able to see your mindset blocks and gives you the tools to overcome these blocks. She has the unique ability to help you with both personal and professional challenges.

Hi! I'M NEILL - A productivity coach helping ambitious entrepreneurs be so productive, 10 hours is all they need.

Meet Your Coach

I learned firsthand how productivity leads to more impact, life and job satisfaction and success:

  • I built a $200k coaching business in 10 hrs/wk while in my demanding corporate job.
  • I compressed an intense corporate 60+ hour workweek down to just 30 as a partner in a firm.
  • I'm running a $500k/yr business in 10 hours/wk.

Time doesn't make or break your productivity, you do.  But nobody taught you HOW to leverage your biology and psychology to take control of your time - until now.

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You make things so simple to understand

Neill’s program simplified everything!
I have taken other business courses and have been discouraged, but with yours, you make things so simple to understand and also make it feel like it’s doable.

Thank you so much for your program! So far it’s been worth every penny and then some!

Support has been remarkable!

"Your style this week with specific, tangible, reasonable, understandable and GENEROUS information and support has been remarkable. And just what I need. That’s honestly what made the go or no-go decision for me. Looking forward to the adventure ahead!"


Productivity is the set of habits and skills that lead to a high degree of predictability in mood and mental health. 

This is answer to more time freedom and balance.

If that's what you want for your life in 2024, let's get started.

Your most productive year ...