You'll walk away from these 5 days with:

Yes - I Want My 30-Day Plan!

The 10 hour schedule to market, sell and deliver your coaching program, working just 10 hours a week.  (Learn how to leverage your 10 hours to get to 6-figures so you don't waste time trying to find "more hours" you don't really need.)

Nail Your Niche so your ads & funnel attract the right leads and turn them into paying clients.  (After I figured this out, my business made $1M in just 2 years.)

Craft Your Signature Program Offer that will guarantee you have enough demand in your funnel to be consistently sold out.  

Supercharge your list building with a simple, 1 HOUR ad strategy that works for any budget - even just $1 a day.

30-day Step By Step Plan to get the ads and funnel done, in just 3 hours/wk.  (This is one plan you can feel confident that you will actually get done because we will get the hardest steps done together in our 5 days.)






Enjoy a 6-Figure Coaching business, working
10 hours a week.

Together we will craft your 30-day plan For Ads and a funnel to sell your program on autopilot.

Coach!  Join us For $100K Funnel Planning Week:
[January 23rd - 27th]  

Most coaches make way less than they deserve because they don't have a system in place to market & sell for them.

You don't have 40 or more hours for your business like other coaches so you think 6-figures is out of your reach.

You DIY'd your sales page copy and emails but people aren't buying, opening or clicking.

You don't have the budget to pay a professional copywriter, ads manager or email marketer to do this for you.

You’ve tried a lot of things - posting every week on social, discounting your offer, sporadic emails and even maybe a few Tik Toks but nothing is really moving the needle.

You feel overwhelmed and confused with how to get it all done - email, branding, logo, web pages, social posts, podcasts -  not to mention the intimidation involved with all of the tech of an online business.

I get it.  Trying to figure it out by yourself when you're short on time is overwhelming and stressful.

Can you relate?









I had a full time corporate job, a kiddo, a husband, hobbies AND a dream of being a successful 6 figure coach and entrepreneur.

With only 10 hours a week to build my business from, I quickly learned that systems were my business BFF.

That’s why I created this 5 day Planning Workshop. 

To give you step by step plan I used to grow a multiple 6-figure coaching business, working 10 hours a week.  

This was me too just a few short years ago.


Can you imagine...

Building a successful 6-figure business without sacrificing your sleep, time with your family or things you love in life. 

This is totally possible with a funnel & ads that sell out your program for you like clockwork. 

You deserve an automated system that brings you a steady stream of new clients.

I'll show you how!


Let's craft your 30-day plan for ads & a Funnel To sell your program on Autopilot.


Here are the details:

We meet Monday through Friday at 9:00 am PST for 30 minutes each day, January 23rd - 27th via zoom.

Here’s what you can expect in this 5 day Planning Workshop:

Day 1: Get your 10 Hour Schedule to sell out & deliver your coaching program in just 10 hours a week.

Day 2: Nail your niche to guarantee the 6-figure performance of your funnel and ads.

Day 3: Craft a Signature Program Offer that creates enough demand for you to be consistently sold out.

Day 4: Supercharge your list building with a simple, 1 HOUR Facebook ad strategy that works for any budget.

Day 5:  The Exact 30 Day STEP BY STEP PLAN to get your ads and funnel done, working on it just 3 hours a week.

“Within the first week, I signed 4 new coaching clients”

100k in 10 hours used to seem impossible.....but I notice when you say that now. . . my belief has totally grown. I could keep my day job, and create 100k.

I implemented that one change we talked about on our coaching call and my conversion rate went from 30% to 50% immediately.

Friends I have a couple of pieces of exciting news. So my $$$ making machine has been turned on, and I got 3 takers of my lead magnet today. Wow! And, someone I had made an offer to last week just signed up for my program. 

I get it. Building a successful online business can feel hard, but it doesn’t have to.

You have a life — a job, a family, other obligations — which means you don’t have endless hours to devote to your coaching biz.

The best news is that all you really need is 10 hours a week. . . 

. . .when you have ads and a funnel that will market and sell out your program for you.  

A: This won't happen because on Friday I'm going to give you the 30 day step by step plan for building and launching it in just a few hours per week.

Here are some common questions we often get . . . 

Q: What if I go through the 5 days and I still can’t figure out my 6 figure funnel plan?

A: No problem! We will record it and send you the replay. If you still have questions after you watch the replay, you can reach out to us for more support via the Slack Channel.

Q: What if I can’t attend the workshop live?

A: We will leave the Slack channel open for one week following the workshop to answer all of your questions.  And if you still want more help/support we can tell you about how $100k Funnel might be the right answer for you.

Q: What if I need more help getting my ads and funnel done?

Are you ready To Get the ads & funnel that will make your 6-Figures Effortless?


To help you implement the work we will do over these 5 days, you will also get over $2,000 of FREE Resources:

It's absolutely Free!




Day 1 Bonus

Day 2 Bonus

Day 3 Bonus

6-Figure Funnel Templates, Checklist & 10 Hour Workweek Schedule so you can build the business you want, working 10 hours a week.

6-Figure Niche Cheatsheet with 15 proven 6- and 7- figure coaching business niches you can use to choose your own.

6-Figure Sold Out Program Name and Pricing Guide to make sure your signature program has a name that will sell itself in your funnel.



Day 4 Bonus

Day 5 Bonus

6-Figure Funnel Facebook & IG Video Script to create polished & attention grabbing videos to grow your audience in 15 minutes.

30 Day Plan to get your ads & funnel done, even if you only work on it 3 hours a week.

Invitation to a private Slack Channel to ask questions and accountability to get this work done so you make sure this isn’t just another workshop you sign up for and don’t get anything out of. 

AND daily give aways (must be present to be eligible):

+Samson PXD1 Headset to record high quality sound videos and Zoom calls.

+1:1 Niche Strategy Call with Neill to make sure you have a $$ making Niche.

+Sell Out Your Coaching Program without Sales Calls Masterclass.

+Scale to 6-figures quickly with a personalized ads and funnel review by Neill.

+Get your funnel and ads done for you - FREE.

But wait, there's more...