Fast Track your business to 6 figure success 

In just 10 hours a week without having to be good at selling with the right 6 Figure Niche.

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What if in just a few months you could build a business that lets you:

+ Replace your corporate salary so you could ditch your day job.

+ Focus your time and energy on the coaching work you love.

+ Cross selling off your To Do List - for good.
+ Have freedom, flexibility and a lifestyle you love.

Here’s the problem. . . 





You worry that you will pick the wrong one and waste time and money.

You are concerned that too many people are already doing your niche.

You fear that it will take too long to get it working.

You feel confused about what the right one is for you and your business.

You aren’t even sure if “niching” is the right answer for you and your business.

You know that in order to build a successful business, you need a niche . . 




You have a life - a job, a family, other obligations - which means you don't have a ton of  hours each week for your business.  I didn't either and I was frustrated that the prevailing formula for success required time I didn't have and things I didn't want to do - like slimy, sleaze ball sales tactics.  

That’s why I created the Niche Strategy Workshop because when you have the right niche, it unlocks the door to the steps of building a 6 figure business in 10 hours a week without a lot of selling.

i get it. building a successful online business can feel hard,
but it doesn't have to.

The right 6 figure niche for you and your business.

can you imagine...

Building a 6 figure business you love without the pressure of having to quit your day job or sacrificing sleep, time with your kids or things you enjoy in life to get it.

Becoming a 6 Figure Coach is totally possible: 

The 5 step path to use that niche to build a successful business.

The simple formula for building a 6 figure business in 10 hrs/wk.

If you want to learn how to get your own 6 figure niche with data based research tools, this is for you:

The Niche Strategy Workshop


(4 Shortcuts to Nail Your 6 Figure Niche)




+ December 16th at 9:00 am PST.
+ Cost: $19
+ Zoom details to follow registration.

(If the spots are filled when you register, please contact us at for assistance.)

you only pay: $19

Here’s what you get in
the Niche Strategy Workshop:

4 Shortcuts to your 6 Figure Niche.


2 Pro Tools to make nailing your niche easier.


5 Steps to use your niche to build a 6 figure business in 10 hrs/wk.


Exclusive Bonuses!

30 Day Niche Crash Course to take a deeper dive into your niche.

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

4 Step Make Sure Your Idea Sells Training to validate your idea.

Bonus #3

30 Day Clear Out 10 Hours Training for busy coaches to make sure you have 10 hrs/wk for your business.

Here’s what past students have said about the Niche Strategy Workshop:

"You have been super helpful!! Thank you for providing such awesome value!"

"Thank you so much! I loved working with you today!"

Thank you so much. And for the replay so I can catch up on the visual part I missed in the beginning. 

I’m a Master Certified and Deep Dive Certified coach. I created a multiple 6 figure business in about 10 hours a week while I was still in my corporate job. The key that unlocked it all for me was figuring out how to choose the right niche. I systematized my process and have used it to help hundreds of other coaches choose their own 6 figure niche.

Nice to meet you! 

I'm your coach,

This sometimes happens which is why I do a Niche Q&A at the end of the workshop and help you choose one that you feel confident about.

Here are some common questions I often receive . . . 

What if I go through the 4 steps and I still can’t figure out what my niche is?

 No problem! We will record it and send you the replay. If you still have questions after you watch the replay, you can reach out to us for more support.

What if I can’t attend the workshop live?

There are no guarantees. But using our data backed process is going to give you the best likelihood of success. And the reality is that choosing a niche and getting it “wrong” is going to move you ahead faster towards your 6 figure business than not choosing one at all.  

What if I choose a niche and it doesn’t work?

All you need is a 6 Figure Niche and 10 hrs/wk.

Are you ready to become a 6 Figure Coach?

+ 4 Shortcuts to a 6 Figure Niche Worksheet.

+ 30 Day Clear out 10 Hours Training for busy coaches.

+ The 6 Figure Coach Business Building Podcast Guide.

+ Live Niche Strategy Workshop call to nail your 6 figure Niche with Neill.

When you register today, you’ll get:

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