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The simplest route to lifestyle freedom is planning.

Planning for results is what creates freedom.

Hi, I’m Neill and I’m your coach!

I started out climbing the corporate ladder aggressively and was working 50 or 60 or more hours per week. And then I became a Mom and everything changed.

For a long time, I tried to make the corporate box I was in work. I didn’t want my boss or my peers to think I was lesser than because I had a child and other things in my life that were important to me. So, I knew I had to figure out how to make them both work - how to schedule my work around my life.

And I did.

I figured out how to work a full time job in 3 days a week. And this gave me the lifestyle freedom I was so desperate for.

And now I am doing the same thing with my business.

I am not just a lifestyle entrepreneur - I am a lifestyle freedom entreprenuer.

Because I have learned how to be uber productive - to plan for results and follow my plan, I get the reward of freedom.

And I am not a unicorn.

  • Time to be a Mom.
  • Be home in the evening with my family.
  • Weekly date night.
  • Time to take care of myself.
  • Build a successful side hustle without burnout.
  • Vacation multiple times a year.
  • Work the days and hours that I choose.

Lifestyle freedom is just a scheduling issue.

So when you learn how to schedule your work life in a way that allows you the freedom to live the rest of your life, you get to create the lifestyle you want.

I teach other high achieving working Moms - both in the corporate world and entrepreneurs how to do what I’ve done.

All it takes is learning how to plan for productivity because the more you get done, the more free time you get to enjoy.
The corporate world is stuck in the old paradigm of trading time for money. And as long as you continue to adopt this paradigm as truth - you will feel stuck and not get to live your life the way you want.

Lifestyle freedom is based on the paradigm that results are what matter - not number of hours.

And through this lens, we plan for results which means ultimately we plan for FREEDOM.

Lifestyle planning creates lifestyle freedom.