I used to think I had to change my life to FEEL BETTER

I just knew that when I got all the things -

  • The degree
  • The career
  • The spouse
  • The house
  • The cars
  • The kids
  • The vacations
  • The money

That all of this would create the pot of gold for me. I would wake up every day and feel happy and life would be all daisies and rainbows.
But when I got all of this and I still wasn’t happy - I felt more stress, overwhelm, and anxiety than happiness, I knew that I must be doing it all wrong, that I was failing. I thought I was a train wreck and just a hot mess, that there must be something wrong with me.

I tried everything I knew to do to feel better.

  • Positive thinking
  • Mantras
  • New house
  • New cars
  • Deleting people I thought were “toxic” from my life
  • More money in the bank
  • Advancement in my career
  • More vacations

And these did work, for a while. But then the stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and procrastination would always show up again. And I would search for the next thing in my life that I thought was creating my unhappiness. I tried to control the universe around me, so that I could feel better.

It was exhausting and discouraging.

But then I learned the real truth about my emotions.

I learned that it wasn’t the people or the things outside of me that were causing me to feel the way I did. It really was not my boss, my job, my husband, my son, my lack of time or lack of money that was making me feel stress, overwhelm, burn out, and anxiety. I learned how I could create happiness, confidence, energy, and motivation, and get any result I want in my life - anytime I want.

And now my life is unrecognizable from what it was.

I only eat what fuels my body.

I don’t need a glass of wine at the end of the day to feel better.

I don’t overspend to try to feel better.

I get more done in a day than most people get done in an entire week.

I don’t delete anyone from my life. In fact, I let other people just be exactly the way they are and as a result I experience more connection and love in all of my relationships.

I have a career as a life coach and entrepreneur that I genuinely love and am excited about, every day.

I sleep well every night and wake up rested and energized.

I created a life that is amazing now and is only getting bigger and better.

A life that is full of possibility. I literally get giddy thinking about my future.

And all I had to do was learn how to feel better first and that’s when my life changed.

I want to show you how to do the same thing.

It truly is possible.

I am not a unicorn.

I just have the real solution that actually works.

Feel Better First And Then Your Life Will Change