What if I told you that you could write effective copy in just 2.5 hours? 

If you’ve been in the online business world for a while, you know how important it is to be able to write words that sell for you. Writing copy is a challenging skill for many, but it’s one that you want to be building as you continue down your path to becoming a 6 figure coach. 

Trying to write copy yourself is overwhelming and time-consuming, but hiring it out can be expensive, might not capture your voice in the same way, and might not teach you anything about writing your own copy. This is where Kris Jones’ done-with-you approach comes in. 

In this episode, Kris is teaching us some of the basics of writing good copy, and how writing copy collaboratively with a writer can get you the best results. 

Kris Jones is a StoryBrand guide and founder of Red Door Designs. Mentored by StoryBrand founder Donald Miller himself and with over 20 years of experience and clients like Nike under her belt, she is extremely passionate about helping self-employed women get website copy that sells so they can multiply their revenue and focus on what they do best.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

I could talk about copy with Kris all day because she is so good at what she does and her work has been a total game changer for my website. I’m so excited to have her on the podcast to share her copywriting wisdom with us. 

If you want to find out for yourself what it’s like to work with Kris, her freebie, Write Compelling Copy in 5 Minutes Flat, is a great place to start. Find out how to leverage the power of story to get more leads in three simple steps. 

Don’t forget to download your podcast study guide so you can take action on today’s episode! 



episode 138: 4 ways to get clients without sales calls

+ Learning how to tell stories in marketing 
+ The common mistakes that people make when writing copy 
+ How to write copy collaboratively and quickly 
+ Finding the right person to help you get your story out of your head and onto paper
+ The difference between done for you and done with you 
+ How people read websites in this day and age 
+ Why stories are so powerful 
+ Who the hero is in your marketing stories 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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