Is it bad to overdeliver?

In this episode, I am talking about overdelivering and people-pleasing by sharing a little bit about why I do what I do, my vision for my business, and how I’ve built my success. 

Overdelivering and people-pleasing are key parts of my business and what I value. That might surprise you because it goes against everything people usually say, so I’m explaining it in more detail in this episode. 

If you’re a people pleaser, I have some good news for you: you’re going to make a great entrepreneur! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should be people-pleasing at our own expense or to the point of burnout, but I do think there’s a way to make it work. In fact, I know there is. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

I hope you enjoy getting to know me and learning more about my values in this episode. Let me know what you think about overdelivering and people-pleasing! I’d love to know if I change your perspective or give you something new to think about. 

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Episode 148:
6 Lessons Learned From My First Ever "Launch"

+ How I define overdelivering
+ Why it’s okay to be a people pleaser 
+ The value of becoming an exceptional listener 
+ How to overdeliver without burning yourself out 
+ How my money mindset has changed
+ Becoming less attached to the success of my business
+ Doing what you do because you want to help people 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

Traction by Gino Wickman 
Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara
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