Is it possible to make sales joyful?

Our guest in this episode would say yes, absolutely! 

You probably know that I am not a master of sales (that’s why I got really good at marketing), but I am working on building mastery in sales, so I wanted to get someone on the podcast who is already there. Enter Judy Weber. 

Judy is taking us through the four biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they’re getting started in sales so that we can avoid or rectify them in our businesses. She’s also talking about the role of faith in business. Whether it’s faith in a higher power or faith in yourself, faith and fear have a lot to do with how we manage and scale our businesses. 

Judy Weber is a Business Coach and Scaling Strategist who helps Christian women “pursue the impossible” through entrepreneurship. A former trial lawyer and c-suite executive, Judy now uses her extensive corporate experience (winning in the courtroom and leading in the boardroom) to mentor both early-stage and established service-based business owners.

Past clients' results include quadrupling annual revenues, repeated 6-figure launches, and dramatically increasing sales conversion rates - all while doing business joyfully and faithfully, for the glory of the Lord.

Judy is also the founder and host of the globally-ranked Joyful Scaling podcast and is a sought-after keynote speaker on all things women of faith and business.

If you’re ready to find the joy in scaling your business, be sure to tune in! 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

If you’re not ready to scale to 7 figures yet, one day you will be. Start preparing now for the business owner you want to be in the future. The more you start showing up as that person, the faster you’ll get there.

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How to Know if it's TIME for a Fractional COO wiht Tina Joseph

+ Common mistakes that people make when they’re getting started in sales
+ How to make your offer the right offer 
+ Why you need to be a good decision-maker 
+ When underpricing becomes a problem 
+ Thinking about the lifetime value of your offer 
+ Why you should be bold about your philosophy
+ Putting your own spin on things 
+ How to truly be yourself 
+ The difference between faith and hope 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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