Do you get discouraged when you feel like your process isn’t working and you don’t have enough time? Well, you can get past that with a little mindset work! 

This episode is a result of work that I've actually been doing on myself and that I'm now seeing in my clients and even my husband and my son. And I think the reason I'm seeing it is because I've done the work on myself already.

This is why it's so important to hire a coach that does the work on herself. 

I really believe that one of the things that makes a great coach is that she has worked through her own obstacles, mindset issues, and limiting beliefs. Let me tell you, I have done it all!

I've had to coach myself from the “it's not working” to “it's working” mindset when I’m trying something new so that I can make it work. 

In today’s episode I want to dissect the three main phases of the “it’s working” process. 

As I describe them to you, you will learn where you are in the process, and hopefully gain some traction and fuel to keep going. To know that what you’re doing is working. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

So here's the lesson for today's show. Failure does not mean it's not working. It's actually the opposite. If you're going through the process of failure, it means that you're on track and it's working exactly as it should be.

Now, if you want more help building your mental and emotional resiliency, it's one of the topics that I dive really deep into with my clients in my group program. 

This program is designed to help you work less so that you can live more. We don't just dream about the entrepreneur lifestyle, we make it your reality.

If you think that this might be exactly what you need right now, we are currently enrolling for the next round. All you need to do is go to my website, and click “let’s get started!” 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week and I will see you here next week!

Episode 36: Negative Emotional Fuel 

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Deserving Success

+ The three phases of the “it’s working” process 
+ Why the ultimate fail is to quit 
+ The planning, learning, and excitement phase
+ The failure, mental hustle, and grind phase
+ The “it’s done” phase 
+ Pushing through when you feel like you’re failing or don’t have enough time 
+ Understanding that time does not create your success, you do
+ Why you need to revel in and enjoy phase three

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