What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Is it something like... I’m a hot mess, trainwreck, disorganized?

I’ve been there before too, but the good news is we can shift that thought pattern!

Today we’re going to talk about shifting your self story away from the negative. When you identify yourself in a negative way you end up creating more of it because what you focus on expands in your mind. The silver lining to this logic is that you can also create self-perpetuating positive cycles!

I’m going to empower you with a few strategies to help you change your self story so that you can finally hop off the hot mess express and board the light rail of self-love. Once you make this shift you’ll be able to grow into your full, limitless potential.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

I know it can be difficult to retrain your brain to love yourself unconditionally. I’ve been there before, but it is so worth the insane amount of growth you will experience!

Start paying attention and be deliberate about the way you speak to yourself, hold yourself in high regard and live to your full potential!

If you want to ditch your time wasting habits and start cultivating success driven habits, join me in my brand new free mini series training called Accomplish Your To-Do List Faster.

Have a beautiful, unbusy week and I will see you here next week! 

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Goals: Belief not How

+ the self-perpetuating cycle our brains go through
+ How you can actually use that cycle to your advantage
+ Swapping out criticism for support
+ Setting boundaries with yourself
+ Approaching goals and growth from a new way of thinking
+ Not expecting yourself to know things you haven’t encountered yet
+ Loving yourself unconditionally even through mistakes

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