Do you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done?

A lot of people feel this way which is why I am talking about time constraints this week.

Many people come to me and tell me that they don't have enough time to get what they want done because they have so many other things going on.

Here’s the thing: when you focus on the time you don't have, you're perpetually creating a cycle of not getting enough done. You think it's the lack of time that's the problem, but it’s not.

I want to teach you how to break that cycle.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

If you want to start scaling back your work hours, book a work less strategy call with me on my website. We will create a customized 6-month work less plan for you!

Stop wasting your energy blaming your time constraints. They are actually a gift if you let them be.

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Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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How to Know When You Got Enough Done

+ How you’re creating a cycle of not getting enough done 
+ How to solve the problem without spending more time on work 
+ Choosing how you spend your time
+ Changing the way you think about time 
+ Being truthful with yourself about how many hours you are working 
+ Why you should do a time audit 
+ The power of deciding what you will get done within your hours 
+ The importance of evaluating why a plan failed 
+ Why you should start scaling back your weekly work hours 

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