How do you fit everything into your workweek? Are you working way more hours than you want to? 

In this episode, I am interviewing one of my amazing mastermind students, Beth Hoff. 

Beth is the epitome of a typical, too-busy human, she's the COO of an amazing organization, she has a successful side hustle, she's a mom of two kids, and she’s a wife.

Beth Hoff is an enthusiastic, fun-loving wife, mother, and career woman. She has a Master’s in Clinical Counseling and spent 13 years in ministry, serving as the Director of Marriage & Family at a church in Cleveland, Ohio. But she’s also a wife & mom who is figuring out how to thrive in the midst of busy schedules, working, homeschooling, and the not-so-predictable nature of kids and family life. One of her biggest passions has always been building strong marriages & families. She believes that everyone, whether you grew up in a “healthy” family or not, can cultivate a family life that you love and that brings joy & peace to everyone involved.

Most people would look at her life and think, “how does she do it? She's just one of those superhumans,” but I think what you'll learn in this episode is she's not superhuman, she's just learned how to use her mind and her time to get exactly what she wants. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

This week, go out and choose to believe what you want to believe so that you generate your own security from within. This will give you the power to create all of the financial security that you dream of. 

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Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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Money Doesn't Create Financial Security

+Feeling like you’re always trying to catch up
+Asking yourself “what is enough?”
+Questioning things that your brain tells you are true 
+How to overcome guilt 
+That there is no definition of a good mom
+Why you should set goals that feel scary 
+Being willing to show up in your life 
+The people you will serve by putting your offer out there 

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