Do you feel like you can’t follow through on your commitments to yourself?

I am teaching you the reason why you don’t follow through. 

Something that I see come up so often is this feeling of shame around not being able to follow through on a schedule. Here’s my hot take: you’ve literally been trained to not follow through.

I know that sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. I am talking you through how society sets us up for failure in this area through the messages it sends us. 
In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

What does “tomorrow you” want you to do? If you keep thinking about yourself as someone who doesn't follow through, you're going to keep acting like someone who doesn't follow through. 

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How We Can Connect: 


Untangling Your Worthiness from Acheivment

+ The importance of understanding the two sides of your brain 
+ The messages that we receive from society 
+ What people-pleasing has to do with your follow-through 
+ Why we feel the need for accountability partners 
+ How to stop your toddler brain from taking over 
+ Breaking the habit of not following through 
+ The power of scheduling 
+ How to build your follow-through muscle 
+ Creating from the future instead of from the past

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Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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