“Neill is pure magic. She has the gift of being able to see your mindset blocks and gives you the tools to overcome these blocks. She has the unique ability to help you with both personal and professional challenges.”

- Jamie

“Neill is such a fantastic coach, I can't recommend her highly enough. If you want to get your s*** together and take your business to the next level, your work with Neill will be invaluable.”


“Balancing my family relationships and responsibilities plus my own health and self care with all that is required to build and run a business has been the source of a lot of stress and frustration for me. The skills, tools and mindset shifts Neill has helped me with have been invaluable for creating the lifestyle I want while and reducing stress and eliminating the "mom guilt" and friction in my marriage.”

- Tanya Goodall Smith, Founder of Workstory

- Tanya

“Hire Neill! Her coaching is a short-cut to success in your mindset. I have her on retainer every month so that I always know I have her in my corner to support me and my team when we need it most. There are few people I recommend with such confidence. Neill is a coach for elite performers looking to up their game.”

- Meg Witt

"Do it! Neill's program is the best money that I have ever spent in terms of personal/professional growth. It's literally changed my life and transformed the way I think about my business. I have been leery to invest in myself in the past, but the past 6 months have proven to me how powerful it can be when you invest in your own growth." 

-Shelley Gray

-Megan Witt

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