Could you make a million dollars just by saving on your grocery bill?

The answer is yes you could, and I’m showing you how in this episode. 

If that sounds like clickbait and you’re not convinced, I get it, so I’m showing you the math behind it and exactly what I did, step by step, to make this goal a reality. 

I want you to see what this process could look like for you no matter what your goal is. Even if you’re not looking to save money on your grocery bill, you can use these steps to go after whatever growth goals you are working on. 

I also want this episode to give you some ideas on different ways to create money and use the money you already have to reach your life goals. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

The steps in this episode have been so valuable to me and my family that I knew I had to share them with you. I hope this can be valuable to you and your family too, no matter what your goal is. 

If you haven’t yet set a goal for this year, do it now and follow this framework to reach it! 

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How We Can Connect: 


Failure Redefined

+ Starting where you are 
+ Figuring out what your starting point is  
+ Setting a goal for where you want to be 
+ Making a list of things to try as you attempt to achieve your goal 
+ The process of trying, failing, and learning
+ Why failure will always lead to success as long as you don’t quit 
+ How working on a goal can change your perspective 
+ How to value your money differently 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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