What does your relationship have to do with your journey to 6 figures?

In this episode, Tavish Williams and I are talking about what it’s like to build a 6-figure business and the impact that your relationship with your partner can have on that journey.

Tavish Williams is a marriage coach who helps high-achieving women feel successful in their relationships. 

You’ll probably go through a lot of changes on your entrepreneurial journey, but your partner isn’t going through those same changes at the same time, so how do you navigate that when it causes conflict?

Tavish is teaching you how to move through those experiences and hard conversations so that you don’t stall out in your entrepreneurial pursuits but you still maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse or partner. I’m even sharing some of my experiences in my relationship as I’ve been on this journey. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

Working on your marriage is going to benefit you in your business too. Remember to allow yourself to want what you want and always be decisive. 

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4 Myths of Building a 6 Figure Funnel With Facebook Ads

+ Why building a 6-figure business can cause conflict in a relationship
+ Letting other people’s paths look different from yours
+ What support you need from you partner 
+ Reframing what support looks like 
+ How to handle disagreements about money or time 
+ Managing your expectations for conversations
+ Deciding whether to stay in or leave a marriage 
+ Behind the scenes of Tavish’s business and funnel 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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