What do you wish you knew about finances?

Chances are, my CFO Mark Butler has your answer in this episode.

I’m excited to be sitting down with Mark for a fun and interesting conversation about numbers. No, really!

He’s sharing his insights into what revenue and spending look like inside coaching businesses, how to be profitable, and the importance of differentiating between marketing and advertising.

Mark is an amazing mentor and coach, so I’m thrilled that you get to hear all of his golden nuggets of wisdom in this episode.

Since 2014 Mark has been the money guy for coaches just getting started and veterans earning millions per year. Whether you’re selling one-to-one or groups, retreats or masterminds, courses or memberships, or all of the above, nobody understands your business better than Mark.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

Whether you love numbers or hate them, this episode has something for you. Mark has some really interesting takes on finances for coaching business that you don’t hear every day. Trust me when I say he knows his stuff.

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Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time!



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  • Numbers to pay attention to in your business
  • Where people spend a lot of money
  • Why you might want to rename your mastermind
  • Understanding the impact of what you spend your money on
  • How to get clear on your goals for a new hire before you hire them
  • Hiring people at the right pace for your business
  • The role of marketing in a coaching business
  • Why it’s important to define marketing

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