Are you ready to stop wasting time so you can get more done in less time? 

This is Part II of our discussion about mental time sucks. 

In episode 40 we discussed the first four mental time sucks, and today we’re covering four more. 

To recap, we are exploring the idea that there is a lot of time and energy wasted in an average day on mental chatter stemming from these eight areas. 

These things keep you working more than you need to be, so we want to get to the bottom of them and start saving hours! 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

Now that you have all eight mental time sucks, I want you to pick one to work on. Which one is taking up the most time for you? Reach out to me on Instagram @neillwilliamscoach and let me know! 

There's an entire module in my group program dedicated to overcoming these time-wasting mental negotiations. The whole point of my program is to show you exactly how to cut out all the wasted hours so that you can work less and get more done. And we are enrolling right now! Head to and click “Let’s Get Started.” 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week and I will see you here next week! 

Episode 39: Are You A Workaholic?
Episode 40: Mental Negotiation Time Suck Part I 

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Mental Negotiation Time Suck Part I

+ How indecision steals your time from you
+ Why the right decision is just to make a decision
+ The problem with not following through 
+ How to overcome overwhelm 
+ The overwhelming thoughts feel true, but you can change them
+ How confusion keeps you from acting on a decision 

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