Doesn't it feel amazing when you accomplish things!?

As humans, when we accomplish something, it feels so good that it just fuels more accomplishment!

Today, we're going to talk about creating an accomplishment bank. Having this at your fingertips can help you swap out defeat and discouragement for a compounding return of production and accomplishments instead! An accomplishment bank is similar to any other investment bank, except this bank is designed to fuel you to your highest productive capacity possible.

My hope is that this episode will help you take a step back and ask yourself--how much have you deposited or invested into your accomplishment bank lately?

In Today's Episode, We Discuss: 

I'd like you to start this new year on the right foot by making your first deposit into your accomplishment bank. You can do this by making a list of ten things that you've accomplished this last year. This simple exercise is a great way to begin your journey towards a compounding return on your accomplishment!

So remember to invest in yourself and fill up that accomplishment bank in 2021!

Have a beautiful, unbusy week and I will see you here next week! 

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Stop the Hot Mess Express

+ What an accomplishment bank is
+ How it can help you achieve more production 
+ When to deposit into your accomplishment bank
+ Focusing on things you do achieve instead of the things you didn't 
+ Evaluation and celebration time blocks
+ Tips on how to start investing your accomplishment bank
+ 10 things that I added to my personal bank in 2020

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