Did you set any big goals for 2021?

Typically, in January most of us are very goal-focused so this entire month I’ll be empowering you with new tools and tips each episode that will help you make those goals happen!

Today, we'll be discussing goal constraint. In my group program, The Unbusy Entrepreneur, I teach a 3 Step Goal Process and I’m going to cover Step 1 of that process in this episode. The first step in this process is to: Choose a Goal. 

Oftentimes we think it’s best to set a bunch of goals because we think that means we will accomplish more, but actually, the opposite is true! When you practice constraint with your goals you are able to focus more of your brainpower on pursuing it instead of being overwhelmed or just simply forgetting them. After listening to this episode, my hope is that you walk away realizing the immense power in goal constraint.

In Today's Episode, We Discuss: 

I want you to stop overwhelming yourself with all of the minor subgoals and start thinking about the overall big goal. Get rid of that list and constrain it down to just one major goal. I think you will find that by putting all of your focus in one direction, all of the minor goals will naturally fall into place.

Don’t forget to choose simple, choose effectively, and choose the one goal that will have a ripple effect on your future life or business!

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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+ Overview of my 3 Step Goal Process
+ Why only setting one goal can actually help you accomplish more
+ Reasons why you may not be practicing goal constraint currently
+ Shifting your mindset around the purpose of goals
+ Creating worthy goals
+ Your North Star in terms of your own growth and development

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