Have you ever wondered what goes on inside my brain?

I'm super excited and also a little freaked out by this episode. 

As promised, I am going to be revealing to you my messy human brain, and I'm doing that by bringing on my own coach, Ellie Frey Zagel. We are talking about some of the things that she's coached me through over the last couple of years.

I get emotional in this episode. We talk a lot about the change in my self-concept and money mindset over the last couple of years. 

In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

I hope you see from this episode that you can literally go out and get anything that you want in the world. I really hope you are inspired to take action. 

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Don’t forget to download your podcast study guide so you can take action on today’s episode! 

Have a beautiful, unbusy week, and I will see you here next time! 

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4 Steps to More Productive Habits

+ The importance of being intentional
+ Getting vulnerable 
+ Why it can be hard to believe in yourself even when you have the proof 
+ How you create money versus receiving it
+ How to get empowered 
+ Why and how you should let go of perfectionism 
+ The importance of finding your “why”
+ The power of groups

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